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Sales training for the legal sector

The legal services and law sector commands skilled sales individuals, who are expertly trained to advise potential clients in the right way to direct solutions and services from the right area of your business.

If your legal services and law sales staff need specific training then our range of selling courses and dedicated sales training experts can offer you an expert solution. At Pareto we pride ourselves on being able to provide sales training that stands up to the expectations of this challenging industry and ensures that you have knowledgeable individuals that can aid and support your business objectives.

Many satisfied clients have marvelled at the impact the Pareto Effect has had on their legal services and law based sales staff.

Our Pareto modular based approach allows our training experts in the field of legal services and law to deliver courses that cover a diverse range of topics. We appreciate that legal services and law advice is a specialised field and that is why we offer training programmes that cover a multitude of facets of selling. Pareto works to ensure that all personnel will become highly proficient in every aspect of sales - this includes key selling skills and management of your high-profile clients for more senior sales team members.

If more specialised training is required then we can also offer one of our bespoke packages where we design a solution tailored to your business. We start by assessing your existing sales performance indicators which allows our training experts to identify the key areas that need to be attended to. It is this pragmatic approach which underpins the Pareto Effect and means that you will get the best possible ROI on your training and development outlay.

If there are any obvious gaps in the abilities of your workforce, we will enable them to get a complete understanding of both their own company and the legal services and law industry as a whole.

We are passionate about developing the skills of your legal services and law sales staff to safeguard the long term sustainability of your business. This means our training always remains one step ahead of developments in the legal services and law sector so we can assist you in making timely training decisions based on latest industry knowledge.

When choosing the Pareto legal services and law sales training solution, you will soon realise that we are passionate about boosting your levels of productivity, sales conversions and revenue. Whatever your business objectives may be, we can ensure that your staff are equipped to make them happen.

Our sales training courses can be tailored to your business.

Our specialist trainers deliver the equivalent of over 2,800 days of sales training per year, revitalising sales teams of all sizes and in all sectors. Bespoke sales training is the best end-to-end approach to ensure you optimise your sales operations.

  • 2.8K

    2.8k days worth of sales training per year

  • 50

    Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%

  • 4700

    Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year

With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.

Deborah Berry National Sales Manager, Medla UK
Deborah Berry - National Sales Manager, Medla UK

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