Pharmaceutical Sales Training

Health and Pharmaceutical Sales Training

If your pharmaceutical or healthcare sales team are in need of expert training to refine their sales skills, Pareto’s medical sales training  experts can offer you an outstanding solution in the form of specialised courses or bespoke training programmes.

All our expertly crafted medical sales training courses  are endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, who have recognised our dedication to providing specialised courses that optimise performance while increasing sales force expertise. Whatever your business objectives may be, our modular approach allows the Pareto sales experts to deliver training courses that cover a diverse range of selling and negotiation topics.
In this tightly controlled and regulated industry, it is vital your sales team is well equipped to deliver expert pitches and has a deep and thorough understanding of the sector.

For training solutions that have been designed to ensure your team is well versed in all things sales, Pareto are the industry leaders. We offer medical sales training courses  covering a multitude of selling techniques and skills, so you know your team will be getting in-depth professional training. If your company requires a little more, we can also offer bespoke training sessions to match the exact needs of your healthcare or pharmaceutical business.

Why does your team need medical sales training?

 With all these options you know you will get the best possible ROI on your training and development outlay. If there are any obvious gaps in the knowledge or abilities of your workforce, we endeavour to gain a complete understanding of both the company and the pharmaceutical and healthcare sales industry as a whole.

We pride ourselves on the Pareto Effect – providing impactful training that has a long-lasting effect on the outlook and methods of your sales team. Our expert trainers always remain one step ahead of current regulatory changes and technological advances in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, to ensure the training we deliver is relevant and powerful.

If you’d like to experience what Pareto can do for you - and to find out more about our healthcare and pharmaceutical sales training courses  - contact us on 0333 355 9720 for more information today.

Delivering World-Class Sales Training Across the Globe

For a multinational business, finding an effective, experienced worldwide training provider who speaks multiple languages and understands the nuances of local sales cultures is an everpresent challenge.

Pareto's Global Solutions team have successfully designed and delivered training programmes in a multitude of countries across the world. Wherever your sales teams are based, we are able to provide a solution.

So far we have delivered bespoke sales training solutions in the following countries:

Sales Training Worldwide

Working with Clients including:

With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.

Deborah Berry National Sales Manager, Medla UK
Deborah Berry - National Sales Manager, Medla UK

  • 2.8K

    2.8k days worth of sales training per year

  • 50

    Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%

  • 4700

    Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year

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