Travel & Tourism Sales Training

Travel & Tourism Sales Training

If you operate in this flourishing and competitive sector, you’ll be keen to ensure that your sales team stays ahead of the game. Therefore, any training must clearly identify the key skills and knowledge areas to be developed to achieve a competitive advantage.

When you work with our dedicated and experienced training experts here at Pareto, you’ll quickly appreciate that this is how we operate. We have developed a number of different training programmes to address the different techniques and skills you need as a sales person. Each course hones your sales team’s skills in a different aspect of selling to ensure that they have all the skills necessary to develop in their role and drive your business forward. 

As well as our standard courses we can also tailor a course to your specific needs. We do this by using your business objectives as a focus for our activities then thoroughly assess the key performance indicators you currently use. This allows us to identify the most important areas to focus on and our unique modular approach to training provision enables us to incorporate a wide range of topics into the finished delivery.

These programmes have been developed to give your team the widest set of skills for your travel and tourism sector sales activities and ensure in-depth marketplace and industry knowledge of both current practices and future trends. The results will be shown in your sales team’s ongoing management and development of your key customer base and in an increase in the rate of conversation from cold call to committed user of your products or services.

In this way, we have achieved our joint aim of gaining the maximum return on investment from the vital budget you have earmarked for the training and development of each individual within your sales team. 

With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.

Deborah Berry National Sales Manager, Medla UK
Deborah Berry - National Sales Manager, Medla UK

  • 2.8K

    2.8k days worth of sales training per year

  • 50

    Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%

  • 4700

    Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year

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