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Sales Surgery Webinars

Develop your online remote sales skills with Pareto Law's

Our monthly Sales Surgery Webinars are hosted by our best salespeople, with commentary from special guests. We will be putting your questions to our panel, sharing sales strategy best practice on a range of topics, and enjoy some hard-earned levity and comradery during a difficult time.

The Sales Surgery lasts for one hour – enough time for us to cover the best sales techniques and business development strategies in bitesize form. So take a break over lunch, use it as a chance to refocus, brainstorm ideas or simply share successes at this challenging time.

If you want to be the first to know about our next Sales Surgery webinar, simply register your interest below and we will send you an invite ahead of the next surgery so you don't miss out.

"It is amazing to be able to have external conversations with people in different companies, roles and industries. As an SDR it is great to get ideas and thoughts from like-minded salespeople on how they would approach the current challenges. I definitely recommend to join Pareto's Sales Surgery."
Harry Monkhouse, MSP Partner Aquisition, Datto

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