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Paving the way in sales recruitment, training and outsourcing for the BioTech sector.

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The biotechnology sector strives to improve the health and lives of everyone around the planet. From creating precise tools to detect disease to combatting everyday threats in the developing world, BioTech is an exciting space dedicated to improving people's lives.

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  1. For the past 25 years, Pareto has led the way in sales recruitment, training and outsourcing.

This sector delivers exciting breakthroughs across a range of industries, including agriculture and disease control. However, the industry needs skilled salespeople as companies struggle to find and retain the talent required in the BioTech niche. At Pareto, we've successfully trained, recruited and outsourced sales talent for over 25 years and can help build a team dedicated to returning results.

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"The Tech scene in particular is a magnet for the very best sales talent. It’s one of the key reasons why Pareto place a high percentage of successful sales candidates, which results in a staggering 93% retention rate. Many of whom go on to become outstanding sales leaders within the Technology sectors." Jonathan Fitchew - CEO / Pareto

What makes Pareto the number one choice for your BioTech sales solutions?

20yrs experience

Market leaders with over 20 years' experience in sales recruitment, training and outsourcing

30,000 candidates

Successfully placed over 30,000 candidates

Unique process

A unique process built around identifying the best tech sales talent
How we can help

Market-leaders in sales assessment, placement and training.

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Sales Recruitment

Whether it's talented graduates or established executives, our carefully selected candidates hit the ground running and return tangible results.

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Sales Training

From graduates to executives, our IT & Technical sales training service is designed to equip your teams with the skills they need to deliver tangible results across the tech sector.

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Sales Contracting

By contracting your sales function to our in-house experts, you can continue along your growth trajectory without having to increase your headcount.

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over 30,000 sales professionals placed
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150,000 sales professionals trained