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Speak to our team

Like any other business, engineering companies can boost sales prospects by providing their sales people with highly effective sales training solutions that deliver a solid advantage over competitor companies. Our industry leading sales training courses involve an expansive amount of sales content, covering anything from the fundamentals of selling to management & leadership training, which allows our Pareto Sales Training experts to meet the sales needs of your company.

A variety of open courses

During our courses, our training experts make sure that your sales team is fully versed in valuable and dynamic sales techniques; so that your sales team’s skills are strengthened and they go on to achieve greater success, for themselves and your company.

We have a selection of sales training courses, each focused on a different aspect of selling which will be invaluable to any salesperson in any organisation. Additionally we offer bespoke packages to enable us to provide you with hugely in-depth training tailored to your specific needs, for example technical sales training if required. Through our methods of training and all the courses that we offer, our clients get a significant return on the time, effort and resources put into sales training.

Pareto Effect approach

The best sales people are those who are continually challenged and motivated and sales training courses go a long way to ensuring they are refreshed in terms of their strategies and knowledge. Our passion lies in our clients’ sales achievements and in developing their sales personnel to the highest of standards, so that they become invaluable to their employers.

To learn more on how we can help you to develop your engineering sales teams and improve the sales performance through our bespoke sales training programme, contact us on 0343 253 8293

Our statistics speak for themselves

2.8k days worth of sales training per year
Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%
Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year