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Speak to our team

At Pareto we pride ourselves on being an industry leading sales training provider, with our expert training specialists providing a multitude of training courses as well as specific, tailored training packages. We are the perfect partner for providing your Fast Moving Consumer Goods sales team, with expert training.

A variety of open courses

Whatever your business objectives and priorities are, we take a unique, modular approach that allows our sales experts to deliver courses that cover a diverse range of topics. Just select from our list the courses that can be of benefit to your business and we will ensure that your sales team remain ahead of the game in your sector.

In this fast-paced, rapidly-changing industry, we can provide expert guidance to ensure all of your Sales personnel are highly proficient and build their key selling skills. The Pareto training experience starts with training in key areas of sales, to ensure your sales teams’ skills are up to par and then, if required, we can create a tailor made training plan fitted to your exact business needs. Our training experts can identify the key areas that need to be worked on, meaning the training is perfectly designed to suit your team – and that you get maximum impact and ROI for your training and development outlay.

Pareto Effect approach

At Pareto, we are passionate about developing your sales professionals to safeguard the long term sustainability of your FMCG business, which means our training always remains one step ahead of latest developments in the sector. Whether that’s new technology or digital and online developments, we factor in the latest consumer trends to ensure our training is as relevant and useful as possible.

If you choose to work with Pareto for an FMCG training solution, we hope that you will quickly see how passionate we are about boosting productivity and revenue. We equip your staff to be in the best possible position to achieve your business objectives, whatever they are.

Delivering world-class sales training across the globe

For a multinational business, finding an effective, experienced worldwide training provider who speaks multiple languages and understands the nuances of local sales cultures is an everpresent challenge.

Pareto's Global Solutions team have successfully designed and delivered training programmes in a multitude of countries across the world. Wherever your sales teams are based, we are able to provide a solution.

So far we have delivered bespoke sales training solutions in the following countries:

Our statistics speak for themselves

2.8k days worth of sales training per year
Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%
Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year