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Performance Consultancy

By harnessing your people's full potential, our consultancy accelerates business performance through heightened productivity, innovation, and employee engagement, thereby maximising ROI.

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Driving Outcome-Focused Growth

Pareto, renowned for its market-leading consultancy, excels in transforming organisational capabilities and unlocking potential. We delve into your sales and commercial operations, analysing processes, performance, and people to create tailor-made solutions that drive success. Our expertise lies in marrying in-depth market insights with a thorough understanding of your business landscape, crafting strategies that not only meet but exceed your strategic and financial aspirations.

Understanding your Challenges and Goals for Business Success

Pareto's performance consultancy service provides businesses with essential support to strengthen their operational foundations and drive sustainable growth. Through careful analysis and tailored strategies, Pareto identifies areas for improvement and implements effective tools, processes, and training programs.

Our focus ensures that your business processes seamlessly complement and support strategic implementations. Implementing an entirely a bespoke approach, we build solutions around your existing processes, enhancing operations without disrupting what already works well.

We believe that training shouldn’t be an isolated activity for businesses but part of a holistic approach to achieve  desired outcomes, making it a crucial component of success with proven ROI.

The tools, processes, and frameworks our performance consultancy can support include:

It's not uncommon for organisations to lack well-defined processes and procedures, which can lead to confusion and inconsistency. Our approach involves identifying these gaps and establishing cohesive sales processes aligned with best practices. We focus on achieving consistency across teams by defining and aligning sales processes and stages and ensuring teams are working collaboratively. This ensures that every team member operates from a unified framework, enhancing efficiency and productivity and ultimately leading to greater success in sales efforts.

Pareto transforms KPIs from simple numbers to strategic tools, aligning them with your sales team's behaviours and objectives. Through a detailed analysis of your sales processes and team dynamics, we set and integrate behaviour-driven goals and targets into your business operations. Utilising industry benchmarks and internal standards, we establish challenging yet attainable targets, making these metrics central to your daily operations and long-term strategies, driving your business beyond its goals towards sustainable growth and success.

At Pareto, we don't just train; we transform. Understanding that clear benchmarks define excellent performance, we collaborate with you to develop robust competency frameworks. These frameworks blend knowledge, skills, and behaviours into practical standards, ensuring your sales team knows exactly what 'good' looks like. Our bespoke frameworks and skills scans serve as the bedrock for personal development plans and effective coaching, guaranteeing not just skill acquisition but lasting application and success.

Our role involves assisting organisations in selecting and implementing appropriate reward and recognition strategies aimed at motivating employees to achieve key objectives. We help businesses foster a culture of appreciation and acknowledgement through tailored solutions, ultimately driving positive behaviours and enhancing overall performance.

We also emphasise competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and a supportive work culture to ensure consultant satisfaction and long-term retention and foster sustained success within our consultancy.

Establishing a clear Progression Structure to Drive Retention and KPIs is crucial for talent retention and business growth. Our consultancy framework prioritises defining career paths with clear levels and opportunities for specialisation and leadership roles. Progression is guided by a focus on individual and team performance aligned with specific KPIs and investment in skills development, client exposure, and mentorship. 

At Pareto, we go beyond traditional training, focusing on enhancing your SDR Cadence and Sales Approach to drive superior results. Our performance consultancy dives deep, leveraging insights from our extensive experience to tailor your sales processes, cadences, and strategies. By refining these elements collaboratively, we ensure your sales team operates at its highest potential, leading the market with a proactive and structured approach.

How We Can Measure Success

Our commitment to businesses when providing performance consultation is to ensure our services achieve a return on investment (ROI) for your business.  in partnership with you to understand your goals and aims that cover all areas of your business to provide the ROI that is important to you.  

Four key examples of areas that could be used as a measure of success include: 

Financial Performance Metrics

This can include:

  • Net New Sales 

  • Cross Sell

  • Year-on-Year Growth 

  • Win/Close Rates 

  • Improved Margin 

Operational Performance Metrics

This can include:

  • Appointments Made

  • Appointments Attended 

  • Quotations to Sales 

  • Quotations Sent Through the Channel

  • Specification Assigned 

Customer Performance Metrics

This can include:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Retention 

  • Increased NPS

  • Number of New Customers

  • Number Case Studies

Employee Performance Metrics

This can include: 

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Skills Capability 

  • Employee Retention

Ready to Unlock Your Business's Full Potential?

Partner with Pareto's today and drive sustainable growth and success. Whether it's optimising sales processes, enhancing employee development, or refining business performance metrics, we've got you covered. Let's collaborate to navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and achieve your strategic goals effectively. 

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