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A Project Management Office or PMO is a group or team established within businesses needing to improve their project management standards. They support enterprise-scale companies by managing their high-priority assignments, documenting, reporting and standardising multiple projects to help organisations reach their goals and objectives.

Additionally, they will ensure company procedures and operations work effectively, ensuring projects are executed on time and within budget. Although similar to a project manager who takes care of individual projects, a PMO will lead more large-scale internal and external projects and programs at an organisational level.

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What is a PMO Officer?

Often PMO jobs fall into three types - Supportive, Controlling and Directive. Supportive PMOs will provide expertise on project best practices. Controlling PMOs will help businesses maintain activities and procedures of strategic projects, and a Directive PMO offers a high level of experience to project teams and essentially overlooks specific projects.

Despite there being different types, a PMO's responsibilities include:

  • Implement project management methodologies
  • Maintain standards for projects
  • Provide effective resource management
  • Incorporate program management tools
  • Managing project coordination 
  • Offer project planning support and determine assignments

Individuals within this role provide expert insights to organisations looking to enhance their standards for project management processes and have a vision of progressing their business.

When do I need to hire a PMO?

Suppose your business isn't operating harmoniously; for example, communication between departments is lacking, or your company has lost focus on project portfolio management and broader business objectives. Then, you should consider offering PMO jobs to top motivated talent. 

Whilst there is a greater opportunity for success as your organisation grows and you take on more projects, there comes a caveat of an increased chance of failure. With resources being stretched thin and other company priorities arising, a PMO is essential to minimise risk and amplify progression.

If you notice projects are not finishing on time or are running over budget due to a lack of standardisation, a PMO can manage this. You may be unaware of how to track the success of your projects effectively or to know if the assignments you are approving are aligned with your business goals. In this case, a PMO analyst can provide real-time insights to track project success and advise on what projects to take on and a strategy of how to deliver the best results. 

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So, whether your PMO works from home or on-site and is on a permanent or temporary monthly contract, they can bring significant value to empower your business. 

What skills does a PMO need?

Be it working in financial services to fintech, a successful PMO should have exceptional communication and people skills. They will be working with diverse teams and must be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals within their cohort to get the best out of them. 

As PMO jobs fall under the project management umbrella, the talent here will need excellent project management skills. From time management, multi-tasking and the ability to adapt and improvise to various challenges, they will need to be able to set the standard within your business and lead by example.

Furthermore, they must be visionary, seeing the potential opportunities for business growth. They should also have the skills to train and mentor the project managers they work with and help guide them and the organisation to success. Ultimately, a PMO should be highly organised and never fully satisfied with the status quo.

Project Solutions Qualifications

As standard, all of our Project Solutions graduates receive the following qualifications. 

Each graduate completes the BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification, demonstrating their proficiency in analysing and improving business processes.

Graduates receive the APMG Change Management Foundation certification, equipping them with the skills to drive successful organisational change initiatives.

Graduates undertake the Prince2 Foundation certification, solidifying their understanding of project management principles and best practices.

Graduates are taught the Lean Six Sigma methodology, earning Yellow and White Belt certifications to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and enhance efficiency.

Graduates will attain the AIPGE Accredited Process Mapping certification, empowering them to map, analyse, and optimise business processes effectively.

Are you looking to hire a PMO?

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