Pareto Graduate Recruitment Process

Our graduate sales recruitment process and sales training will find you the very best sales talent to fulfil your recruitment needs.

The Pareto graduate recruitment process is one like no other.

We pride ourselves on going a step further than standard sales recruitment agencies, looking at all the small things that will make a big difference when it comes to building a world class sales team for the future of your business. We are results-driven, focused on the real outcomes and the effect we can deliver on your sales team. We offer a unique and comprehensive approach to sourcing, assessing and placing the very best graduates for the future of your business, using our two decades of experience to ensure you get the right candidates to match your requirements. 

So when you’re recruiting a sales team and looking for the top 20% who will make 80% of the difference, our recruitment process will deliver the results you're looking for.

The Pareto Sales Recruitment Process:

Taking your business on the journey to recruit the right talent.

Our recruitment process starts with you.
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Marketing/ Attraction

When it comes to finding sales people, we leave no stone unturned.
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When it comes to finding the right candidates for your sales jobs, we deliver. Every time.
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We don’t just place your sales people. We invest in developing real sales talent.
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Grad Management

When it comes to sales recruitment, we’re in for the long run.
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Why choose Pareto's graduate assessment process?

When it comes to graduate sales recruitment, why is it so essential to protect investment and employ an assessment process that goes further? Download our whitepaper, 'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover' and discover how the Pareto graduate recruitment process will ensure you find the best sales talent, time after time. 

Background: Our recruitment process starts with you

Every organisation is unique. That’s why we believe that the sales recruitment process should be tailored to your business: finding the right people for your sales team, no matter what your needs. So before we deliver top sales talent for your business, we undertake a sales recruitment analysis, identifying skills gaps and your needs. Then, we deliver the results. 

Our experienced team will take the time to understand your industry and business culture, understanding exactly what you are looking for in your perfect sales graduate. The sales recruitment analysis looks at your business needs to determine skill gaps in your team and assess the sales people you need to achieve your business objectives. We identify exactly what makes you tick and what it takes to become the very best in your business.

We work in partnership with you, offering a sales consultancy service to determine the logistical challenges you face, identifying locations, salary and any specific requirements you may have. Then, from our sales team analysis, we create a marketing campaign tailored to the qualities and competencies you need in your new sales recruit. 

Marketing & candidate attraction: Finding sales superstars for your business

As an industry with no barriers to entry and some of the most lucrative benefits on offer, sales can appeal to graduates of any background, any degree, any location. Therefore when it comes to the process of finding sales talent for you, we use a variety of sources to make sure we’re attracting the UK’s very best graduates, leaving no stone unturned. 

From a vast range of graduate-focused job boards and social medias to our direct links with universities, email marketing and more, we take sales recruiting a step further in order to bring you the best choice of graduates in the market. Over 80,000 graduates apply to join the Pareto recruitment process every year: so if you’re in the process of hiring sales people, you need Pareto.

Graduate assessment: We know a great sales graduate when we see one

Every applicant is placed through a pre-screening process, before our specialist Graduate Management team take each and every candidate through an initial telephone interview. We use a competency-based approach to graduate assessment, looking beyond their credentials and CV to determine the true sales acumen and potential of your future sales superstars, speaking to some 75,000 graduates annually.

Once candidates demonstrate the initial requirements we look for, we invite them along to one of our assessment days. Held in our purpose-built assessment centres around the UK or within your office if it’s more convenient, our assessment days utilise over two decades of experience to create a stringent assessment process that is second to none in the graduate market. We welcome 20,000 candidates every year.

Our in-house consultants use a variety of methods to assess each delegate against a list of core competencies that your sales people will require to be leaders in their field. We place every attendee in a variety of group and individual scenarios to push them to their limits and determine their capacity for future success.

Once we have the best graduates from our assessment process, we use your criteria and business culture to hand pick 2 or 3 for every position available in your organisation. We streamline the sales recruitment process, saving you time and resources, removing the burden of shuffling through a pile of CVs or interviewing candidates who appear good on paper, but can’t deliver the results. When you come to interview your prospective candidates, we provide them with telephone support and preparation to make sure they’re ready to deliver their very best on the day, giving you the insight you need to make the right choice. 

Training: Graduate development for the future of your business

Once you’ve made your decision and a job offer is accepted, we set out to equip your sales graduates with all the tools they need to be the very best sales people in their field, developing sales talent for the future of your business. As market-leaders, we take graduate development to the next level.  

Each and every sales graduate coming through our recruitment process, whether brought into your business or employed through our sales outsourcing process, will benefit from up to 15 days of market-leading sales training. Every candidate will begin their graduate sales job with a 5-day residential course, designed to equip them in the 'Sales Fundamentals' needed to hit the ground running.

Once they’re settled in their roles, your graduate will complete ‘Professional Selling Skills’ and ‘Ethical Negotiation Skills’, followed by three additional modules of your choice from the following options:

Undertaken in the first 6-12 months of their role, these modules are delivered by our own in-house training consultants and will equip your new recruits with the skills they need to not only succeed, but excel. 

Graduate Management: Taking your graduates further

When it comes to sales recruitment, we’re in for the long run. We don’t just place our graduates: we offer on-going support and graduate management throughout the early stages of their sales roles and beyond, ensuring that they continue to deliver to the best of their ability. So you can be confident in your sales recruits, at every stage of their careers.

Your dedicated Account Manager will work in partnership with you to provide mentoring and support, remaining in contact with your graduates to track their progress. As sales people, we know the challenges your sales graduates face. We understand what it takes to become a leader in the industry. We will look at key performance indicators, providing coaching and making recommendations where needed.

If you’re looking to provide a more structured approach to graduate management, we can take the process to another level with our sales academies. Designed around you, our sales academies combine sales training, sales accreditation, mentoring and support with your own in-house training process to create a structured programme for your sales graduates. Using a variety of methods, we can assess the progress of your sales team at every stage. We can provide examinations, assignments and tasks to determine their sales acumen and provide a structure for future progression and promotion. If you would like to discover how a sales academy could work for your business, contact us for further information. 

So, the Pareto Effect means you benefit from that top 20% who will continue to progress and develop, delivering you the results you need. At every stage. 

The Pareto Effect

"The Pareto Effect is a proven technique that has helped thousands of graduates worldwide".

Pareto is one of the UK's largest recruitment and sales development agency.
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