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Account Management Course

Developing trust, knowledge, and reliability for identifying growth opportunities and strengthening existing relationships.

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Our program is tailored to enhance your team's capabilities in strategic account management. This course is meticulously designed to empower your team with practical insights and tools for cultivating strong client relationships, positioning them as trusted advisors in the business landscape.

Rob Welling - Training

Rob Welling Course Leader

Perfect For:

Pareto's strategically created account development courses are tailored for individuals overseeing and managing accounts and territories within your business. This course caters to a diverse audience, from those embarking on their careers in account management to seasoned professionals aiming to refine their skills.

Our key account management course empowers your team to gain a comprehensive understanding of your client's needs. This enables them to construct robust, profitable accounts while enhancing the overall client experience and building long-term relationships.

Ideal job roles suited for our account development course include:

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

However, this course's benefits extend beyond specific roles. If you think your team could gain value from this course, please contact our trainers below for additional information.

Course Overview

The core elements of account development are Trust, Knowledge, Reliability and Intimacy. These elements are integral to this course and ensuring that your team acquires the skills needed to:

  • Identify Growth Opportunities

  • Protect Valuable Accounts

  • Recognise Potential Reevaluations within the Portfolio

Through facilitated discussions to understand your key accounts, evaluate their potential, and establish a balanced level of trust, your team will be equipped to excel in the intricate dynamics of account development. By thoroughly auditing existing accounts with a lens on the core elements, your team will identify opportunities for progression and strengths, ensuring sustained relationship development.

Key Outcomes

Discover what your talent will learn in our account development course:

  • Identifying Growth Opportunities: How to identify existing accounts to grow, protect and build and put in place a proactive plan for account development

  • Building a Proactive Account Development Plan: How to create a stakeholder plan that identifies who to build trusted relationships with

  • Leveraging Stakeholder Influence: How to leverage and influence key stakeholders

  • Tactical Growth and Protection Plans: How to present a tactical plan to proactively grow and protect an account or segment

Pre Course

Prior to attending the account development course, delegates will need to:

  • Have an awareness of their company’s account development prioritisation or strategy and bring your account list and commercial value to the business

  • Identified 2-3 clients that can be used to demonstrate their skills in practice

  • As this course is interactive, delegates must bring their mobile devices to the session

Modules Covered

The Account Development Course structure includes:

  • The Principles of Account Development 

  • Building Customer Trust 

  • Commercial Account Value 

  • Where to Focus Your Time to Grow, Protect, and Build Accounts

  • Stakeholder Management 

  • SWOT Analysis 

Our course sessions are engaging and collaborative. They encourage interaction and teamwork through group activities, self-reflection, and individual exercises.

Rob Welling

Senior Performance Consultant

  • Date Joined 11/1/2021
  • Team Training

Change Rob brings over 15 years of expertise in sales learning and development. Commencing his career as a salesperson, he mastered the nuances of self-presentation, excelling both on the phone and in face-to-face interactions, which is vital in account management. With a background in performance, including extensive voice coaching, he seamlessly blends business acumen with creative flair.

Rob draws on his wealth of experience to empower individuals, guiding them in developing effective account management strategies and enhancing client relationships.

"Having worked both as an Account Manager and then Sales Enablement Manager my key aim with this programme is to allow delegates to take back control and work strategically rather than reactively" 

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