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Account Development Training

Our Account Development training course gives salespeople the tools to amplify the accounts within your business.

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We recognise the importance of maximising the value of your client accounts. That's why we've created our Account Development training course to help your top talent identify and implement opportunities to realise the potential of your client accounts and your business. In addition, our account management courses provide delegates who proactively manage and service accounts and territories with the key account management training they need to progress their career and your business. 

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Perfect For:

Pareto's account management courses are aimed at those who oversee and manage accounts and territories within your business. Our key account management course will allow your salespeople to understand your client's needs, enabling them to build long-lasting, robust, profitable client accounts.

Typical job roles perfect for our Account Development training course include:

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

Course Overview

Our Account Development training is a practical course providing delegates with a strategic plan to proactively grow accounts and develop relationships as trusted advisers. Delegates will 'audit' their existing accounts to identify opportunities and strengths to ensure relationship progression and longevity. Then, through facilitated discussion, we will challenge delegates to determine which accounts should be prioritised for future potential. 

Before attending the course, delegates must have one or more accounts so they can apply the skills they learn to real-life scenarios. Alternatively, a delegate can enrol on our account management courses with several accounts that form part of a segmentation plan. 

Once the delegates have identified which accounts to prioritise, they will be tasked with creating a tactical plan to grow and protect the account(s)/segment. Delegates will discuss and present their plans in groups and receive feedback and support from our expert Account Development training facilitators.

Key Outcomes

Discover what your talent will learn in our Account Development Training:

  • How to identify existing accounts to grow, protect and build and put in place a proactive plan for account development

  • How to create a stakeholder plan that identifies who to build trusted relationships with

  • How to leverage and influence stakeholders

  • How to present a tactical plan to proactively grow and protect an account or segment

  • As this course is interactive, delegates must bring their mobile devices to the session

Pre Course

Prior to attending the Account Development training course, delegates will need to:

  • Have an awareness of their company’s account management prioritisation or strategy
  • Identified 2-3 clients that can be used to demonstrate their skills in practice

Want to know more about our Account Development Training?

If you need support to help grow the accounts assigned to you or are a business seeking to upskill your existing teams with the necessary skills to enhance your client accounts, we can help.

Our Account Development training is the perfect solution.

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