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Sales Essentials Course

Our Sales Essentials course is expertly designed to realise the full potential of your sales team and drive impactful results for your business.

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Pareto's Sales Essentials course is a transformative and engaging three-day experience, available both virtually and in person, providing individuals with a comprehensive toolkit for sales success. Encompassing three key attributes - skill, knowledge, and behaviour, the course is tailored to instil confidence in day-to-day roles, empowering participants to learn and apply robust and structured approaches throughout the sales cycle.


Louisa Bryan Course Leader

Perfect For:

Welcome to Pareto's Sales Essentials course – a practical and engaging program designed for individuals in the early stages of their sales journey. So, if you are an entry-level enthusiast just starting out in the sales world seeking to gain new skills and get the best possible start in your career, this course will meet your needs.

It's not just for those directly in sales; even support team members can benefit from gaining a comprehensive understanding of the sales cycle to elevate team support and overall performance. This course is designed to inspire the next generation of sales professionals, empower individuals with experience, and optimise both personal and business performance.

Typical sales and support roles perfect for our sales essentials training include:

  • Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

  • Marketing Specialists 

  • Technical Sales Support Roles

  • Customer Care

We have worked with professionals from a vast and diverse range of industries, including: 

  • Cyber Security

  • Telecoms

  • Financial Services 

  • Energy

  • Information Technology and SaaS

  • Technology

  • Banking and Finance

  • Furniture Manufactures and Distributors

  • Pharmaceuticals 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Recruitment and HR Services 

The professionals who can benefit from this course are not limited to these roles and industries. If you feel this course would be advantageous to your team, contact our trainers below for more information. 

Course Overview

Sales Essentials covers crucial areas, including: 

  • Solution-selling Propositions

  • Adding Value 

  • Handling Objections 

  • Closing Deals

  • Principles of Consultative Selling

  • Lead Generation 

  • Building Rapport  

  • Social Selling

  • Outreach

  • Goal Setting

  • Getting Past Gatekeepers

  • Communication Preference and Tactics 

At its core, the Sales Essentials course goes beyond teaching mere basics; it sharpens the art of executing sales fundamentals with excellence. Whether addressing objections, navigating gatekeepers, or identifying hot prospects based on stringent criteria, the course ensures professionals at any level are well-equipped for success. 

By providing a deep understanding of sales fundamentals and mastering essential skills, this course becomes the foundation for achieving excellence in sales.

Key Outcomes

Here are the transformative skills your talent will acquire in our Sales Essentials course:

  • Proactive Call Structure: Focuses on gatekeeper techniques and best practice sales call structure. 

  • Handling objections: Provides effective strategies and communication techniques to confidently address and overcome objections raised by customers.

  • Sales and Sales Process Alignment: Discusses the alignment of the sales process with the client's buying journey.

  • Confidence in Sales Funnel and Client Engagement: Centers on building confidence in managing the sales funnel and client conversations.

  • Effective Communication in Sales Calls: Highlights the importance of communication skills, communication preferences, and call structure in sales.

  • Ramping Your Starters to Competence: Deals with the rapid skill acquisition for new sales personnel.

  • Understanding Communication Preferences and Building Relationships: Emphasises understanding communication styles and relationship building.

  • Creating a SMART Development Plan: Focuses on developing a structured plan for ongoing self-improvement.

  • Overcoming Obstacles in Sales: Equips delegates with objection-handling techniques to overcome customer blockers. 

Pre Course

So delegates are fully prepared to get the most out of Sales Essentials; here is what they will need to do prior to commencing the course.

  • Sales Professional Awareness: Have an awareness of their company’s sector, the services and solutions their company provides, and the types of clients they sell to. The activities in the course will build on how to apply this knowledge through practical skills application.

  • LinkedIn Presence: Have or create a LinkedIn profile that will be used as part of the session.

  • Individual Styles Questionnaire: Complete an individual styles questionnaire that will identify their preferred style.

Modules Covered

Course Structure

The Sales Essentials structure for the three-day course includes: 

Day 1 

  • SMART Objective Goal Setting

  • Handle Customer Resistance 

  • Gain Customer Commitment 

  • Call Assessment Practice 

  • Call Assessment 

Day 2 

  • Qualifying Calls

  • Gatekeepers Techniques

  • Introduction to the IDEAL Call Structure

  • IDEAL Call Structure 

  • Establishing Customer Needs

  • Demonstrating Value 

Day 3 

  • SMART Objective Goal Setting

  • Handle Customer Resistance

  • Gain Customer Commitment 

  • Call Assessments Practice

  • Call Assessments 

Our course sessions build engagement and collaboration and promote interaction and teamwork through a mixture of group activities, self-reflection, and individual exercises.

Louisa Bryan

Training Consultant

  • Date Joined 8/1/2021
  • Team Training

Louisa, your instructor for the Sales Essentials Course, has 25 years of experience in sales and over 15 years in coaching and learning development, bringing a wealth of practical experience to the table. 

Her training style is characterised by a high-energy approach, emphasising the empowerment of individuals by instilling confidence, a positive mindset, and a can-do attitude.

"I enjoy inspiring a drive for excellence in individuals, helping them realise their potential in sales. My focus is on delivering tangible, measurable results, ensuring meaningful progress in our journey together."

Want to know more about our Sales Essentials course?

The Sales Essentials course is designed and highly beneficial for professionals just stepping into sales or those who are looking to improve the basics. Whether you're initiating someone entering a sales career or aiming to elevate the performance of your seasoned sales team, our training courses cater to individuals at every stage of their professional journey.

Please contact our Sales Essentials training experts by completing the form to request a callback, or call us directly on 0333 455 1416.