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Sales Excellence Course

Offering a practical toolkit to enhance client engagement, deliver impactful insights, and drive strategic sales success.

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Our sales excellence course is designed for advanced sales professionals who have been in a role for a minimum of 9 months and are seeking to enhance their performance. Delegates will gain a practical 'transformational toolkit', emphasising transitioning from consultative l to transformational selling. This strategic approach involves leveraging commercial and industry knowledge, ensuring a nuanced and effective sales methodology aligned with evolving market dynamics.

David Warley - Training

David Warley Senior Sales Training Consultant

Perfect For:

Aimed at professionals with a minimum of nine months of experience in a client-facing sales role, our sales excellence course provides a more advanced approach to elevating performance and client engagement.

Typical job roles perfect for our sales excellence course include:

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Regional Sales 

However, the benefits of this course are not limited to these specific roles. If you believe your team could gain value from this advanced sales training, please don't hesitate to contact our course instructor below for more details.

Course Overview

A selection of the key learning from this course includes: 

  • Using a STEP analysis to prepare for meetings

  • Optimising the sales pipeline

  • Maintaining ongoing commitment throughout extended sales cycles

  • Challenging a fixed position using the SHIFT questioning model

  • Insights into measuring commitment

  • Building emotion through storytelling

  • Creating value in your proposition 

The result of the course is a practical toolkit that equips your team with the skills to effectively support the growth and acquisition of partnership accounts. Our sales excellence course is a valuable investment for business leaders focused on improving their team's sales capabilities.

Key Outcomes

Participants in our sales excellence course will gain valuable skills such as:

  • Market Insight Utilisation: Use market insights to prepare for meetings effectively by creating a STEP analysis.

  • Value Proposition Enhancement: Develop strategies for building the value of your proposition through impactful 'storytelling,' proof statements, and testimonials.

  • Commitment Measurement: Understand how to measure commitment to drive sales pipeline success, utilising the commitment matrix for enhanced outcomes.

  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Equip your team with a 'transformational toolkit' for effective client engagement, focusing on understanding fixed positions, reframing thinking, and implementing a shift questioning model.

  • Leveraging Commercial Knowledge: Emphasis on utilising commercial and industry knowledge to make informed decisions and present compelling solutions.

  • Impactful Insights Delivery: Develop skills to deliver insightful and impactful messages, ensuring your team adds significant value to client interactions.

Pre Course

So attendees are fully prepared to get the most out of the sales excellence course, here is what they will need to do prior to commencing the course. 

  • Have an awareness of the return on investment of their solution or what their value proposition delivers to clients

  • Have a number of clients or prospects to practically apply their skills to during the session

  • Identify what social, technological, environmental, and/or political insights the way your customer does business and how you can support them

  • Come with an understanding of several business case studies or success stories where you have directly benefited your clients

Modules Covered

The sales excellence course structure for the three-day course includes: 

  • Transformational Selling

  • Creating Insight Ahead of a Meeting

  • Creating Value

  • Challenging a client's fixed position

  • Building a Compelling Story

  • Handling Resistance

  • Keeping the Client Engaged 

  • Client Engagement Ladder

Our training sessions encourage active engagement and collaboration, fostering interaction and teamwork through a mix of group activities, self-reflection, and individual exercises.

David Warley

Senior Sales Training Consultant

  • Date Joined 4/1/2017
  • Team Training

Introducing David, our instructor for the sales excellence course, boasting over 35 years of extensive sales experience. With a wealth of practical knowledge spanning diverse business sectors, including manufacturing and retail, David's expertise even extends to coaching at national levels in badminton and martial arts.

David specialises in addressing old habits and creating new effective ways of working, emphasising a growth mindset. He provides professionals with tools and methodologies, offering practical top tips to maximise the impact of every customer interaction.

"I am passionate about training both new and experienced salespeople, supporting them to improve their skills, knowledge and behaviours to achieve and exceed their targets and KPI's."

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