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Live Prospecting Course

Emphasising the power of a positive mindset to generate, qualify, and create new sales opportunities.

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Discover the art of effective prospecting in our highly interactive course, emphasising the impact of a positive mindset on generating, qualifying, and creating sales opportunities over the phone. In this hands-on course, you'll acquire tools and techniques for proactive live calling, using live leads for practical application. Despite the common myths that phone prospecting is dead, we know it remains crucial in a successful prospecting cadence, and this course underscores its effectiveness in modern sales environments.

Sim Sidhu

Sim Sidhu Course Leader

Perfect For:

This sales prospecting course is specifically designed for individuals actively engaged in generating new business. Whether you're an experienced sales professional or new to the field, the live prospecting course equips you with essential skills and strategies to excel in new business development.

It's ideal for those seeking to enhance their prospecting techniques, ensuring effective identification, engagement, and conversion of potential leads. This course offers valuable insights and practical tools for anyone dedicated to creating successful new business opportunities.

Our sales prospecting course is Ideal for any role focused on generating new business. Examples of roles include: 

  • Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

However, the benefits of this course are not limited to these specific roles. If you believe your team could gain value from this training, please don't hesitate to reach out to our trainers below for more information.

Course Overview

The course is designed to elevate key skills, including: 

  • Generating Prospect Interest

  • Refining Call Qualification Skills

  • Gaining Access to Decision-makers

Participants will learn the value of a positive belief and attitude in prospecting and how to systematically evaluate lead qualification using a structured framework in real-time. Additionally, all of our courses can be conducted either virtually or in person to cater to your team's preferences. Enrol now to empower your team with practical skills for immediate application in live prospecting scenarios.

Key Outcomes

Participants in our live prospecting course will gain valuable skills such as:

  • Generating Prospect Interest: Learn effective strategies to capture and maintain prospect interest through proactive live calling, enhancing their ability to create valuable connections.

  • Gaining Access to Decision-makers: Acquire insights and methods to navigate through the sales cycle, gaining access to key decision-makers for increased success in closing deals.

  • Positive Belief and Attitude: Discover the significance of maintaining a positive mindset in the prospecting process, contributing to increased confidence and success in generating sales opportunities.

Structured Framework for Lead Qualification: Implement a structured framework to systematically assess lead qualification in real-time, ensuring a strategic and efficient prospecting approach.

Pre Course

Prior to attending the live prospecting course, delegates will need to:

  • Bring a number of live leads to call in the course 

  • Consider what information you need to qualify before the next stage of the sales process

Modules Covered

The live prospecting course structure includes: 

  • Developing a Winning Mindset for Live Prospecting 

  • Preparing for Success 

  • Importance of Qualification 

  • Dealing with Gatekeepers

  • Objection Handling 

  • Live Calling Preparation 

  • Live Calling Sessions 

Our course sessions foster engagement and collaboration, promoting interaction and teamwork through a blend of group activities, self-reflection, and individual exercises.

Simran Sidhu

Senior Performance Consultant

  • Date Joined 5/1/2022
  • Team Training

Simran, our live prospecting Course instructor, draws on 18 years of practical sales experience in roles ranging from estate agent to account manager, with a focus on B2B. 

Over eight years ago, he transitioned to consulting and training, specialising in supporting sales professionals in skill development and career progression. With extensive industry knowledge and practical insights, Simran ensures a valuable and enriching learning experience for your social selling journey.

"All my training efforts are geared towards arming salespeople, managers, and leaders with an arsenal of powerful tools, enhancing their existing skills and capabilities."

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Enrol in our live prospecting course to equip your team with practical skills for successful new business development. This course provides essential tools and strategies for effective connections, from generating prospect interest to gaining access to decision-makers. 

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