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Powerful Pitching Training

Our powerful pitching masterclass will take your sales team's pitches from good to great, helping your business engage with more clients.

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We know the difference between a good and a powerful pitch can be the difference between winning or losing a business deal. That's why we've created our Powerful Pitching training course, to give your top salespeople the confidence to deliver pitches in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Our Powerful Pitching training goes above and beyond what you'd receive from your typical elevator pitch course or sales pitch training course. 

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Rob Welling - Training

Rob Welling Course Leader

Perfect For:

Pareto's Powerful Pitching training allows delegates to develop their ability to pitch to clients and internal colleagues in a face-to-face or virtual environment. Our sales pitching training will help your salespeople maximise their potential and realise their confidence when delivering pitches. 

Typical job roles perfect for our Powerful Pitching Training include:

  • Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

Course Overview

Pareto's Powerful Pitching masterclass will enable delegates to create, practice and evaluate a pitch that focuses on delivering your business's value proposition. Delivering a successful pitch also relies on engaging and inspiring the audience, which we emphasise throughout the elevator pitch course duration. 

Our sales pitch training facilitators will coach and guide your top talent and support them with delivering an impactful pitch either through a webinar, face-to-face or as a formal presentation. 

The techniques included in our Powerful Pitching training course will help delegates build the confidence to deliver messages compellingly. Additionally, we aim to build the confidence of your salespeople when presenting to groups, and delegates will evaluate a range of different pitches to support peer group learning.

Key Outcomes

Discover what your talent will learn in our Powerful Pitching masterclass

  • How to deliver a 10-15 minute pitch that includes preparation, setting the scene, selling the value, summarising and gaining commitment for the next steps

  • The importance of evaluating the success of how your message was received following feedback from a group audience

  • Audience engagement through the effective use of verbal, vocal and visual communication

  • As this course is interactive, delegates are required to bring their own mobile device to this session

Pre Course

Prior to attending the Powerful Pitching training course, delegates will need to:

  •  Have an awareness of their company’s sector, the service and solution their company provides, as well as the types of clients they sell to. The activities in the course will build on how to apply this knowledge through practical skills application
  •  Have or create a short presentation that will be built on during the session

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If you are looking for sales pitching training to take your pitches to the next level, we can help.

Additionally, if your business needs to upskill and improve the confidence of your salespeople when it comes to pitching, our Powerful Pitching training is the perfect solution.

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