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Equipping professionals, from new starters to C-suite executives, with versatile skills for impactful presentations in any setting.

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Centered around three key elements – Presenter, Audience, and Message, our business presentation skills training masterclass equips professionals with practical skills for impactful presentations that captivate diverse audiences. Consider this: a remarkable 93% of your presentation's effectiveness relies on your voice and non-verbal cues, overshadowing the mere 7% contributed by the content. With this in mind, are you fully unlocking the potential of your pitch?

Rob Welling - Training

Rob Welling Senior Performance Consultant

Perfect For:

Pareto's business presentation skills training course allows delegates to develop their ability to pitch to clients and internal colleagues in a face-to-face or virtual environment. Our sales pitching training will help your salespeople maximise their potential and realise their confidence when delivering pitches.

Typical job roles perfect for our presentation skills training course include:

  • Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

The advantages this course offers are not limited to the roles above and can benefit anyone who has pitching or presenting as part of their role. If you believe your team could benefit from this training, feel free to contact our trainers below for more information.

Course Overview

The course is designed for both new starters looking to kick-start their careers and hone their presentation skills and experienced professionals who want to discover and develop their approach and structure to pitching. It emphasises individual presenter style and covers a versatile structure applicable in virtual, phone, and face-to-face settings. 

Focusing on boosting confidence in high-pressure situations, the training addresses crucial topics such as mindset, audience considerations, and effective use of virtual aids. Additionally, presentation skills training covers how to present effectively to different personality styles, emphasising adaptable communication strategies crucial for reaching diverse audiences. 

Key Outcomes

Participants in our presentation skills training course will gain valuable skills such as:

  • Perfecting a Pitch: How to deliver a 10-15 minute pitch that includes preparation, setting the scene, selling the value, summarising and gaining commitment for the next steps.

  • Evaluating Message Success: The importance of evaluating the success of how your message was received following feedback from a group audience.

  • Mastering Audience Engagement: Audience engagement through the effective use of verbal, vocal and visual communication.

  • Increased Confidence in High-Pressure Situations: Learn strategies to boost confidence in challenging presentation environments.

  • Comprehensive Toolkit for Pitch Development and Evaluation: This tool kit includes: 

    • Skills for Effective Presentation: Focus on pitch content and delivery, cultivating essential skills to become an exceptional presenter.

    • Audience Consideration: Learn to tailor presentations based on audience analysis, understanding diverse communication styles and preferences to ensure effective message resonance.

    • Structural Framework: SSS Structure: Introduce a one-stop-shop structure (Set the Scene, Sell the Value, Summarise) for a clear, concise, and effective pitch framework.

    • Adaptation for Various Modes of Communication: Guidance on adapting pitches for face-to-face, phone, and virtual presentations, ensuring versatility in today’s communication landscape.

    • Visual Aids and Communication Style: Understand the use of visual aids and diverse communication styles, incorporating DISC theory elements to create visually appealing pitches aligned with audience preferences.

Pre Course

Before starting the course, participants should make sure they prepare well and get the most out of presentation skills training by following these steps:

  • Have an awareness of your company’s sector, the value of the solution you provide, as well as the types of clients you sell to. The activities in the course will build on how to apply this knowledge through practical skills application.

  • Have or create a short presentation that will be built on during the session.

  • Watch the TED talk video – How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint by Dr David Phillips.

  • As this course is interactive, delegates are required to bring their own mobile device to this session.

Modules Covered

The presentation skills training structure includes: 

  • Powerful Pitch Framework - What makes an engaging and successful pitch/presentation? 

  • Presenter - Top Tips for Becoming a Professional Presenter

  • Audience - Addressing Audience Wants and Needs

  • Message - Creating Objectives for Pitches to Enable Desired Outcomes

  • Preparing and Presenting a Final Pitch - Present and Receive Feedback on their Pitch

Our training sessions develop engagement and collaboration, promoting interaction and teamwork through a mixture of group activities, self-reflection, and individual exercises.

Rob Welling

Senior Performance Consultant

  • Date Joined 11/1/2021
  • Team Training

Rob brings over 15 years of expertise in sales learning and development. Commencing his career as a salesperson, he mastered the nuances of self-presentation, excelling both on the phone and in face-to-face interactions. With a background in performance, including extensive voice coaching, he seamlessly blends business acumen with creative flair.

In his past experiences, Rob steered large sales teams to excellence in pitching and message delivery for prestigious clients such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Viasystems, Canon, and Walt Disney. Recently promoted to senior performance consultant at Pareto, Rob draws on his wealth of experience to empower individuals, guiding them in creating impactful pitches and presentations.

"I specialise in pitching and presenting, covering everything from one-on-one coaching to large-scale sales kick-offs and conferences. I understand the nuances, from voice coaching, body alignment, and breath to delivery, extending to the practical aspects of impactful language in written communication."

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