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Once you have the right team behind you, the journey to sales success doesn’t stop there. Investing in market-leading sales development is essential to build the strongest possible sales team. A sales team that will take your business to the top.

To take your sales team to the next level, we bring you Pareto sales training solutions, combining assessment, validation, design and delivery of the UK’s leading sales training courses. Our comprehensive end-to-end services will provide your sales people with clear route maps to sales success, taking you on the complete cycle of sales training and development.

We train in excess of 11,000 delegates every year, delivering over 1,300 training days annually to a vast range of organisations across the UK and abroad. Pareto is also certified with official ISMM recognised centre status, offering accreditation programmes to match your business needs.

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  • Fundamentals of Selling (5 days) Click to expand

    The way we approach selling is highly skilled: an astute customer calls for an astute sales professional. To give your sellers the skills they need, we created the Fundamentals of Selling course, designed to provide tools and insights into a consultative approach to meeting the needs of a commercially competitive marketplace. Delegates will be empowered to impact sales results and deliver increased ROI at every level of their roles. View course.

  • Professional Selling Skills Click to expand

    If your sellers have experience but could benefit from taking their approach to the next level, the Professional Selling Skills course could be what you’re looking for. Designed to expand upon foundational knowledge and build confidence in dealing with customers both face-to-face and on the phone, this course ensures your sellers are effectively identifying client need and constructing the right solution. View course.

  • Ethical Negotiation Skills Click to expand

    A changing world needs a changed salesperson. For all sellers engaging in the negotiation process, the Ethical Negotiation Skills training course will provide a structured approach to achieving the best possible outcomes while moving away from a commoditised approach to selling. Covering all steps from handling buyer tactics through to compromise and agreement, the course will empower your sellers to realise their full potential. View course.

  • Key Account Management  Click to expand

    Relationship building and account management now form a centrepiece of the sales function. If your salespeople would benefit from practical tools and advice for developing and maintaining their sales accounts, the Key Account Management course is for you. Ensure every account is being fully utilised for maximum profit and long-term results: find out more here. View course.

  • High Impact Presentation Training Click to expand

    If your salespeople are expected to deliver face-to-face presentations as part of their role, the ability to make an impact is paramount. High Impact Presentation training, suitable for new and experienced business people alike, will ensure your delegates understand the power of belief and attitude, have confidence in their ability to persuade and handle questions and will deliver truly compelling presentations for real results. View course.

  • Live Telephone Selling Click to expand

    No matter what the current position or skill level of your sales people, engaging with clients and customers over the telephone is a core practice in the art and science of selling. To ensure your teams are taking the right approach, our Live Telephone Selling course is designed to provide structure and tools to build confidence and increase success on the telephone, with live sessions to ensure new skills are put to the test and are transferrable into the workplace. View course.

  • Sales Leadership Training Click to expand

    Covering the full range of key leadership skills, style and effective emotions required to lead, the Sales Leadership course will empower your leaders with everything they need to succeed higher up the sales ladder. Teach your sales leaders to coach and mentor, guiding their teams, rather than command. Suitable for managers at any level. View course.

  • Advanced Telephone SkillsClick to expand

    By fine-tuning your pitching and addressing your initial sales approach, Pareto's advanced Telephone Skills course covers all the latest industry developments, allowing you to gain confidence and extend your client network within today's competitive sales environment. By learning how to persuasively navigate your way past gatekeepers and to key decision makers, this course will allow you to become fully competent in closing more business opportunities. By improving your call effectiveness by a minimum of 20% and recognising how and when to close efficiently, our advanced course equips you with all the tools you need to develop through out live and interactive training structure.  View course.

  • Advanced Sales ExcellenceClick to expand

    Tailored towards professionals at a more advanced stage in their career, the advanced sales excellence course will give professionals the tools required to generate more successful contracts and clients from meetings and enquiries. Alongside polishing off your sales technique, Pareto will help you to negotiate more efficiently,handle resistance with confidence and prepare for that winning-sales call by objection-setting and taking control of meetings from the outset. View course

  • Bespoke Sales Training CoursesClick to expand

    Covering the specific skills your sales people need to become market leaders in their field, our bespoke sales training courses are designed with you in mind. Whatever your target market, product or industry sector: our sales development experts will work in partnership with you to ensure our training delivers the results you’re looking for, no matter what your business objectives. View course

Validation and Assessment.

Looking to benchmark current performance and determine where your sales team stands? Our validation and assessment process uses established competency frameworks to measure your current sales team, providing a full health check into every area. We identify those areas in which you excel and those in which your team will benefit from the Pareto Effect. No matter what your business size or background, market or industry, our specialists can help determine where your sales team stands.


As an ISMM-recognised centre, we take our sales development solutions one step further through the introduction of sales qualifications and accreditation, helping to professionalise and standardise sales practice in your business. Whether you’re looking to place individuals through an accreditation programme or design your own in-house learning and development process, we have the tools and market-leading sales consultants you need to realise your vision for continued sales success.

Sales Training: Open and Bespoke.

Whatever your requirements, however many people you’re looking to train and no matter what your industry or location, we can deliver a sales training solution to meet your needs. We offer a selection of open sales courses covering a vast range of skills and requirements. Alternatively, we can design and deliver bespoke training solutions, contextualised to your business and requirements. With succession plans to ensure your team not only delivers in the immediate days following their course, but consistently provide results in the weeks and months following their sales training.

Taking Sales Training to the Next Level.

Our experience as market-leading sales development specialists means that we understand the importance of translating our training into the real-life context of your business. Our in-house sales training team combine blended learning, e-learning, group and individual exercises, role plays, presentations and many more methods in order to ensure your sales people are confident taking their new skills straight into their role, successfully booking more appointments, improving conversion rates and increasing sales. At every level of your business.


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