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Empower your team to unlock your business's full potential by honing their Social Selling skills through our impactful course.

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In the new world of virtual and flexible working practices, traditional sales approaches have undergone a significant transformation, is your sales team effectively harnessing the potential of social selling? How assured are you that they possess the latest digital prospecting techniques to optimise their capabilities in today's market?

Sim Sidhu

Simran Sidhu Course Leader

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Due to the growing increase in virtual interactions, Social Selling addresses the shift from traditional phone-based interactions to more prevalent channels like email and LinkedIn outreach. The course aims to help professionals navigate these changes effectively, increase brand presence, generate leads, and adapt to remote work demands.

Pareto's Social Selling course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, with examples of roles that would benefit include:

  • Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development Executives

  • Business Development Representatives

However, the Social Selling course is not limited to these roles and is tailored to enhance the social selling capabilities of individuals at various experience levels. 

So, whether you have experienced teams that aim to refresh their skills in line with the evolving market trend or younger professionals looking to optimise their LinkedIn profiles, the course's adaptability ensures it meets your team's diverse needs. 

Course Overview

Our Social Selling course offers a practical approach to leveraging LinkedIn as a powerful prospecting and engagement tool. Rather than the traditional methods of picking up the phone or sending emails, we explore new ways individuals can broaden their network and engage with clients or potential clients.

Delegates will be trained and gain valuable insights in areas including: 

  • Optimising their LinkedIn Presence: Building an impactful LinkedIn profile with a compelling call to action.

  • Strategic Content Posting: The nuances of posting content guide participants on what, when, and how to post for maximum impact.

  • Enhancing Prospect Outreach: Prospecting techniques, emphasising the use of video and voice messaging for more personalised and effective outreach.

With a focus on practical application, our Social Selling course equips your teams with the skills and strategies needed to navigate each stage of the sales cycle through modern social media engagement methods. Uncover the true potential of Social Selling with our comprehensive training program.

Key Outcomes

Here are the valuable skills participants will acquire through our Social Selling course:

  • Optimised LinkedIn Presence: Gain the skills to build an impactful LinkedIn profile with a compelling call to action, maximising professional presence on the platform.

  • Understanding Messaging Techniques: Explain the difference between tailored and targeted messaging.

  • Developing a Social Selling Cadence Plan: Enable participants to build plans for both prospects and contacts.

  • Effective Communication Techniques: Create outreach using innovative techniques, including voice notes and videos that hit the mark.

Pre Course

Here is what delegates need to do before starting the course to ensure they are thoroughly prepared to maximise the benefits of Social Selling:

  • LinkedIn Profile Preparation: Have a LinkedIn profile that will be used as part of the session.

  • Understanding Social Media Policies: Know their business’s social media policy and how this can be utilised within their role to proactively target connections through outreach.

  • Interactive Session Requirements: As this course is interactive, delegates are required to bring their own mobile device to this session.

Course Structure 

The Social Selling course structure includes:

  • What is Social Selling?

  • Building Familiarity 

  • Tailored vs Targeting Messages 

  • Voice Notes and Video Notes

  • Thought Leadership Online

  • Building a Social Selling Cadence Plan 

Simran Sidhu

Senior Performance Consultant

  • Date Joined 5/1/2022
  • Team Training

Our Social Selling Course instructor, Simran, brings 18 years of practical sales experience. He has worked in various roles, from estate agent to account manager.

Over eight years ago, he transitioned to consulting and training, helping sales professionals develop their skills and progress in their careers. Simran comes equipped with extensive industry knowledge and practical insights, ensuring a valuable and enriching learning experience for your social selling journey.

"All my training efforts are geared towards arming salespeople, managers, and leaders with an arsenal of powerful tools, enhancing their existing skills and capabilities." 

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If your business seeks support in unlocking the full potential of Social Selling or your sales team requires upskilling in this crucial area, look no further than our Social Selling course. 

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