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Our Negotiation techniques training will progress the bright minds within your organisation, helping your business to realise its potential.

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Negotiation skills are an inevitable part of the sales process. That's why we've created a Negotiation techniques training programme to empower delegates to take control and prepare for a value-led Negotiation. Our Negotiation skills training gives your top talent the tools needed to control their Negotiations, from internal to external, with a focus on reaching successful outcomes.

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Perfect For:

Pareto's masterclass Negotiation course supports delegates who create varied proposals and prepare value-based Negotiations. Our Negotiation skills training will enhance the sales performance of your top talent and help your business realise its potential.

Typical job roles perfect for our Negotiation training include:

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Business Development

  • Executives and Business Development Representatives

Course Overview

Our Negotiation skills training will empower delegates to take control and prepare for a value-led Negotiation. We challenge delegates to explore high-value options to; protect margin, build value in variables and package a solution, which ultimately moves them away from a price-led Negotiation.

Pareto's interactive negotiation course is highly facilitative, and delegates will be given the opportunity to plan and lead a Negotiation within a group activity. Additionally, we allow delegates to create their own Negotiation plan relevant to the types of Negotiation they are involved in.

During the course, your top talent will create a STEP analysis and identify how to measure and build ongoing commitment to support long sales cycles. By the end of our masterclass Negotiation course, your salespeople will be equipped with a practical transformational toolkit to support growing partnership accounts for your business.

Key Outcomes

Discover what your talent will learn in our Negotiation Training

  • From a Negotiation scenario, create, present and package solutions to discuss during a group Negotiation

  • Identify trading variables before exploring how they can be monetised to build a value based Negotiation strategy

  • Create a value led Negotiation plan that is relevant for future individual Negotiations

  • As this course is interactive, delegates must bring their mobile device to this session

Pre Course

Prior to attending the Negotiation training course, delegates will need to:

  • Have an awareness of their company’s trading variables and the full solution they offer
  • Have a client or an example of a Negotiation that has taken place previously

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If you are looking for a masterclass Negotiation course to amplify your Negotiation skills or are seeking a Negotiation course to improve your team's sales performance, we can help.

Our Negotiation training course is perfect for salespeople and businesses that want to realise their potential.

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