Getting the Best Graduate Talent: 5 Ways to Attract and Engage University Leavers

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With Gen Z now graduating from university, many companies will be considering ways to access the skilled graduate market. 

However, today’s university grads are very different to those of ten years ago. Whether it’s their savviness with technology or their commitment to diversity, Generation Z embodies characteristics that are unique in the graduate market. It’s a unique challenge to attract Gen Z to your company, so considering the attributes of this generation is key to crafting your graduate recruitment strategy. 

Are you looking to attract the best graduate talent to your business? Pareto works with businesses to connect them to the top talent in your industry. Our skilled recruitment specialists can connect you to the graduate market and ensure you get the best graduate talent for your business. With more than a decade of experience in the graduate market, we’re sharing our top five ways you can attract graduate talent.

Company Culture

67% of Gen Z employees believe that company culture is more important than the CEO or leader of the company. For this reason, companies should be evaluating their culture and brand identity to make sure that they are appealing to the current graduate market


The events of the last year have meant that flexibility at work is now more important than ever before, and Gen Z hires are perhaps more aware of this than most. 

Graduating at a time of uncertainty, combined with their tech skills, means that Gen Z value flexibility in the workplace, including perks like hybrid working. If you don’t offer this, then it’s going to be difficult for you to attract the best graduate talent

Career Development

Opportunities for career development are important for any hire, but even more so when it comes to graduate recruitment. Gen Z grads have been shaped by difficult economic periods, and as such are well aware of the benefits of financial security. 

Getting the best graduate talent in the years to come will involve clearly advertising the ways you’re allowing your employees to grow and improve in their careers.

Meaningful Work

The new generation of graduates isn’t just focused on salary and benefits, but also on how their work impacts others. In fact, up to 83% of Gen Z graduates want to work for a company that makes a positive impact on the world.

To make your company attractive to the graduate market, it’s now necessary to prove what you are doing to support the local community and world issues.


Gen Z is also likely to hold progressive views and consider diversity a key issue in the workplace. In fact, 77% of Gen Z workers say that a company’s level of diversity affects their decision to work there

Prioritising diversity means communicating your commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the recruitment process. Doing so will ensure that you can get the best graduate talent for your company. 

When it comes to attracting the best graduate talent, Pareto has years of experience. We help businesses solve their hiring limitations with an extensive graduate recruitment and assessment process, connecting you with the top talent to lift you above the competition. 

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