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The Pareto graduate recruitment process is one like no other.

Graduate Sales Recruitment

Discover your next talented sales person with our leading graduate recruitment agency, Pareto Law.


Here at Pareto, we are the UK Market Leader of Graduate Sales Recruitment. 


For over two decades as graduate recruiters, we have delivered the top 20% of sales talent into leading industries around the globe. From Fintech to IT, manufacturing and much more, each year we place over 2000 exceptional graduates across 100 industries. 


We are adept at spotting potential, which is why so many of our graduates go on to quickly secure the very top positions and deliver remarkable ROI. Not only do we meticulously select the very best in sales talent, we commit to providing each of our graduates with up-to-date, world-class sales training both face-to-face and digital. Our unique blended learning approach offers each graduate 170 combined hours of industry renowed training to sky-rocket their chances of success.  


When you choose to hire with Pareto you can expect unprecedented ROI for your business. 


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Our Graduates Become Great Leaders in Sales

Interested in hiring sales graduates?

How the sales graduate process works

  • 1

    Client consultation

    Firstly, we familiarise ourselves with your business and its existing sales structure. When we understand your needs, we can focus our graduate sales recruitment on finding a candidate to suit you.

  • 2


    We advertise for graduates constantly and for specific roles as they come up. Pareto receive over 360,000 graduate CVs each year, following up with promising candidates by phone.

  • 3

    Assessment days

    We invite the top candidates to our regular assessment days, putting them through a number of exercises to assess their suitability.

  • 4


    Once a graduate receives an offer from one of our clients, we schedule in up to 170 hours of sales training courses, both face-to-face and digital, all included in our fee.

  • 5

    Graduate management

    An assigned account manager will continue to support you with your graduate management processes, mapping out KPIs to ensure return on your investment.

Pareto Law offered us a solution that allowed us to handpick top sales graduates who have the potential to really help develop our future business. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michael Lynskey, Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, Johnson & Johnson

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Why use a Graduate Sales Recruitment Agency?

There are more university graduates hitting the job market than ever before, with an incredible 55% of young people in the UK alone attending university. We believe in the power of potential and we are experts at finding graduates who will go on to succeed. Many of our graduates have achieved 100% ROI in their first quarter.


At Pareto, we help you find the top graduate talent for your roles by:

  • Dealing with in excess of 360,000 applications every year with Global reach 
  • Narrowing applications down to the very top talent, then inviting these candidates to an assessment day
  • Running more than 25 assessment days across the UK every month
  • Developing our assessment system to specifically pinpoint those who have potential for sales success
  • Delivering over 170 hours of blended digital and face-to-face sales training to successful candidates


Once we have handpicked the top talent, we place the candidates into graduate sales schemes and roles with our clients. As graduate recruiters, our commitment to your success from our recruitment process doesn’t stop when you hire. At Pareto, we provide every candidate we place with 128 hours of first class, face-to-face graduate sales training and support, so they’re fully equipped with a stellar sales toolkit and the confidence they need to excel within your company. Not only this, but all of our graduates also have 42 hours of innovative digital skills training to enhance their sales knowledge to further bolster their chances of exceptional performance. 


With over two decades of experience recruiting graduates through sales hiring, we are always evolving and know how to adapt to market changes quickly. We’ve aligned our graduate sales recruitment process to focus on hiring salespeople, particularly from STEM degrees who can be placed seamlessly within the dynamic Technology sector. Despite now placing 70% of our graduates into technology based sales roles, our years of experience means we have competence across over 100 industries and we can always find the best sales graduates to suit any role. 

Our record speaks for itself

It’s our commitment to excellence and exceptional results that drives us to place only the very best candidates for our clients and we are proud of the lasting relationships we've built with clients who recruit with us time after time. From the very start, back in 1995, innovation and growth has been deeply rooted in our ethos. We were the first recruitment agency to offer our unique blend of recruitment and training, and this is why we are still the leading graduate recruitment agency in the country. We have total confidence in our graduates and are recognised for placing graduates who continually exceed expectations in role. 


  • We successfully place over 2000 top graduates into sales roles throughout the country every year 
  • Five of our graduates were nominated for the 'Best Sales Newcomer' award at the 2017 Professional Sales Awards
  • Many of our sales graduates have delivered over 100% ROI within their first quarter

What makes our Graduate Recruitment Service Unique?

As the UK Market Leader in graduate sales recruitment, we have a unique process compared with other graduate recruiters. Identifying the brightest talent and hiring top salespeople for your exclusive business needs is only the beginning of our approach. 

Once a graduate has been placed, we ensure they are primed for success. We are experts in identifying talent, but we also know that talent needs to be nurtured to excel which is why we include 128 hours of our industry-renowned, face-to-face training in our offering. 


Our exclusive graduate training process covers vital skills and mentalities that your new salesperson will need to succeed, including:

  •  Fundamentals of sales 
  •  Telephone sales training
  •  Negotiation skills training
  •  Account management skills
  •  Advanced sales excellence
  •  Delivering a Powerful Pitch 


This training is then reinforced with 42 digital learning topics to enhance their knowledge further.

At Pareto, we have over 20 years of experience in hiring and training the right people for the right sales roles, making us true experts among sales recruitment agencies.


Why Recruit Graduate Sales People?


Hiring graduates can transform your business. Whether you need to inject energy into your team, boost your bottom line (without splashing out on a senior staff member), or add an extra person on the team who is focused on generating new business, a sales graduate could make a progressive difference. It doesn't matter if your sales operations consist of a smaller, dynamic team or an entire sales floor, graduates are a great resource for any business at any level.


Here at Pareto, we know that graduates have the potential to be greats. We don’t just mean greats in terms of your expectations, but greats that will deliver a remarkable ROI for your company and be competitive against those who have been in the industry for much longer. A Pareto graduate will come equipped with the skills to join the dynamic 20% of your business that drives 80% of your success.

Where We Recruit Sales Graduates

Our global reach allows us to successfully identify and place graduate sales talent at a huge range of organisations across the UK. From bustling city centres to businesses based in more rural areas, we can find the talent that is an ideal fit for your business. 

Our regional hubs across Wilmslow, Leeds, Nottingham, Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and Holborn, London have the expert knowledge to quickly identify the best candidates for your individual needs.


Want to recruit talented salespeople for your company? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I boost my sales teams’ performance?

Boosting your sales performance starts with identifying your businesses’ areas of weakness. Once you have done that, you need to work on these areas. Your team need the skill to sell the unique value of your business proposition in a way that is clearly understandable to your clients.


How can a small business improve their sales performance?

We recruit for all sizes of companies throughout a range of industries in the UK and beyond. No matter the size of your team, a dynamic, Pareto trained graduate can really make the difference to your bottom line in generating leads and chasing down sales.


What should I look for in a salesperson interview?

Asking the right questions in an interview is essential to finding the ideal hire. We’ve put together a guide for the top 5 questions to ask to help you find your ideal hire. Click here to learn more


Why should I hire a graduate?

Hiring graduates has so many advantages. Not only are they equipped with enthusiasm and drive to succeed, but they can be very good value for your business. We successfully place over 2000 top graduates into sales roles throughout the country every year Many of our sales graduates have delivered over 100% ROI within their first quarter.


How long will it take to find a candidate?

We have the biggest presence in the graduate market as we are the UKs largest sales development organisation. We attract 380,000 applicants every year and because of this we are strategically placed to find you graduates from the word go. We have catered for clients across the UK and worldwide. Our wide network allows us to source high quality graduates for roles when our clients need them.


How do we attract the candidates?

We advertise to reach candidates for specific roles, receiving over 360,000 CVs each year. We assess all graduate candidates to our assessment days by engaging in a series of exercises to evaluate their suitability.


Is Graduate recruitment the only area Pareto can support?

No. We also offer executive recruitment. We’ve worked with CEOs, MDs and Sales Directors in some of the most sales-oriented, demanding businesses across the world. With an extensive network of more than 50,000 sales leaders across more than 100 industries, find your ideal candidate with Pareto as your executive sales recruitment agency. We also work very much in the technical sector and are experts in I.T. & Technical Recruitment.


What industries have Pareto worked across?

From Fintech to IT, manufacturing and many more, each year we place over 2000 exceptional graduates across 100 industries.


What happens if the candidate leaves the role?

We are very confident that we will find you candidates who will excel in role and add huge value to your business. However, we understand that sometimes a role doesn’t work out and your new hire could leave their job with you. If your graduate leaves your role in the first 3 months we will promise to re-fill the post free of charge. If your newest executive hire leaves in the first 12 months we will recruit a replacement.


Why recruit with Pareto?

Not all recruitment agencies are the same. Hiring through a sales recruitment specialist like Pareto saves you time and effort to find the right candidate. You can be rest assured that you will receive talented salespeople to deliver business results and fast track your ROI.


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