What is a level 4 apprenticeship?


Level 4 apprenticeships

With over 90% of apprentices in England remaining in employment after completing their qualifications, higher apprenticeships are great opportunities for young graduates to take their first steps up the career ladder. This is especially true in Level 4 Apprenticeships that allow learners to receive on-the-job training while working towards a qualification. 

What is a Level 4 Apprenticeship? 

A Level 4 Apprenticeship is the next step in professional training after GCSEs and A-levels. By completing a Level 4 apprenticeship, trainees will gain a Level 4 qualification equivalent to a Foundation Degree or HND (Higher National Diploma).

How do Level 4 Apprenticeships work? 

Level 4 Apprenticeships typically involve 80% practical work experience and 20% institutional education. In other words, 80% of your time is spent working on-site, in an office, or remotely, while the remaining 20% is committed to studying. 

Your Level 4 Apprenticeship can take anywhere from one to five years to complete, providing participants with ample time to work closely with employers on projects appropriate to their qualifications. 

Training areas vary widely from Project Management, Data Analytics, Marketing, Level 4 Business Apprenticeships, Network Engineering, Software Development, Technology, Sports Coaching, and beyond. 

In the end, applicants can be offered a permanent position or, if that’s not an option, given a glowing reference from their employer. After that, the world is their oyster. 

How much do you earn on Level 4 Apprenticeships? 

Level 4 Apprenticeships are paid positions. This means that trainees earn while they learn, receiving first-hand training on the job and personal development from academic research. Apprentices are paid Apprentice Minimum Wage (at least) for the first year of their apprenticeship and then National Minimum Wage (for your age group).

Some higher apprenticeships pay over £20,000 per annum–and that’s just for the first year. All providers are different, so it’s necessary to research payment and expectations when seeking out your apprenticeship. 

Although working, apprentices are classed as students. This means that apprentices receive student discounts on top of earnings, giving them lower rates for outings, events, transport, and even food shopping.

Benefits of completing a Level 4 Apprenticeship 

Work Experience 

Level 4 Apprenticeships provide hands-on, practical experience in multiple industries and areas of expertise. Working side-by-side with employers, trainees receive structured and comprehensive professional development training, helping them enhance their business and management skills and pave the way for their future careers. 


Level 4 Apprenticeships can help learners reach new heights, unlocking opportunities to advance their careers to more senior positions in the workplace and help them become industry experts. Having a Level 4 qualification in a specific area shows employers that candidates are hungry to hone their skills and can make strategic and effective decisions based on first-hand experience. 


In most cases, apprentices can network with other apprentices, either at work, college, or other social events. These courses are, therefore, great ways to meet like-minded individuals. You’ll make friends and develop admirable and lasting interpersonal skills. 

Who can apply for a Level 4 Apprenticeship? 

Entry requirements for Level 4 Apprenticeships vary widely from employer to employer and depending on the training provider. However, typical prerequisites include level 3 qualifications, such as a level 3 (advanced) apprenticeship, A-Levels, BTEC, or an NVQ. 

That said, employers are interested in relevant professional experience. Even if the grades aren’t there, many applications are accepted based on their work history. Employers want to know that applicants can carry out organisational tasks, present interpersonal skills, and commit to consistent self-development, not whether or not they can pass an exam.  

Applying for Level 4 Apprenticeships 

Level 4 Apprenticeships can be highly competitive, especially as many applicants are applying to retrain (so they may already hold outstanding experience). Therefore, when crafting your application, candidates should demonstrate relevant professional knowledge, enthusiasm, character, and, where possible, academic ability. 

Apprenticeships with Pareto 

At Pareto, we offer a variety of esteemed and globally recognised training. Our Level 4 Apprenticeship provides trainees with the business management skills and sales experience to appeal to the most competitive companies.

Level 4 Business Apprenticeships with Pareto 

Level 4 Business Apprenticeships with Pareto empower learners by providing them with an arsenal of skills and behaviours. Pareto ensures that participants are trained with the latest techniques and knowledge, fostering continued, long-term growth.  

Level 4 training with Pareto typically takes 19 months to complete, with 80% of learning taking place on the job to optimise productivity and empirical knowledge. Learners will gain direct experience in: 

  • Negotiation

  • Building Value Propositions

  • Digital Skills

  • Social Selling

  • Live Prospecting

  • Objection Handling

  • Customer Needs Analysis

  • Rapport Building

  • Building Sales Pipelines

  • Commercial and Financial Account Management

Benefits of pursuing a Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship with Pareto 

Pareto’s bespoke Sales Executive training can be optimised to match the needs and goals of individual businesses, meaning that the programme is customisable and able to deliver the best results. 

As a result, a notable benefit for applicants is that on completion, they’re ready to ascend to the front line, already demonstrating unrivalled product knowledge, competitor knowledge, and an understanding of the market in which they operate. 

Organisations reap the rewards, too, assured that their apprentices are ready to support the company's ongoing success. 


The Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship provides trainees with admirable organisational knowledge, commercial and financial acumen, and commendable sales planning, solution management, and digital marketing skills. To find out more about the requirements and how to apply, click here.

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