What is a Level 5 apprenticeship?

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Level 5 Apprenticeships

Higher apprenticeships train candidates for a particular job or a specific role within a company. Most higher apprenticeships even have a permanent job waiting at the end. More than 70% of apprentices remain with the same employer post apprenticeship, making them excellent prospects for budding graduates. This article explains what a Level 5 Apprenticeship is, the benefits of higher apprenticeships, and why Pareto Apprenticeships stand out amongst the rest.  

What is a Level 5 Apprenticeship? 

A Level 5 Apprenticeship is a type of professional training that combines work experience with an employer and a level 5 qualification. 

There are lots of different qualification levels. To better understand the advanced nature of Level 5 Apprenticeships, look at it this way: all UK qualifications are given a number between 1 and 8. Level 1 stands for GCSEs, and level 8 stands for a PhD. Therefore, Level 5 Apprenticeships sit firmly in the middle, above A-Levels (level 4) and below BA Degrees (level 6). 

What are Level 5 Apprenticeships equivalent to? 

Apprenticeship levels are usually ranked in terms of intermediate, advanced, higher, or degree equivalent. For example, level 5 apprenticeships are classed as higher apprenticeships, which means they are equivalent to a foundation degree. This also means higher apprenticeships are typically designed for students aged 18 or over.

How do Level 5 Apprenticeships work? 

As with most apprenticeships, trainees will spend around 80% of their time working with their employer, either in an office, on-site, or working remotely, while you'll dedicate the remaining 20% of your time to attaining your qualification at college, university, with a training provider, or even online. 

In this way, an apprenticeship is a very hands-on approach. What you do daily will vary depending on the training and apprenticeship provider. You may also attend insightful events and conferences, valuable experiences you can refer to in future interviews and use to bolster your studies. 

Whether working on-site or remotely, you will accumulate practical and transferable skills- admirable assets all employers look for in prospective hires. If you want to stand out as a candidate when applying for future roles, completing a Level 5 Apprenticeship with an esteemed organisation could help you distinguish yourself from other applicants.  

Are Level 5 Apprenticeships hard to complete? 

In short, yes. Most participants will encounter a few challenges during their Level 5 Apprenticeships, but managing the workload and overcoming problems are part of the learning process. 

Don’t worry about being left to fend for yourself, though. Level 5 Apprenticeships include regular and invaluable support from your employer and training provider to help you progress in your role and education. 

On top of this, you’ll have a manager to refer to and, in some cases, a mentor. Mentors are often people who were in your shoes not too long ago and can offer fresh and honest advice.   

Why should I consider doing a Level 5 Apprenticeship? 

Level 5 Apprenticeships are a profitable opportunity for participants to combine study and professional work. That means you can earn an income (and a wealth of other professional and academic benefits) while you train.  

As an apprentice, you’re generally entitled to receive the same benefits as all the other employees at your organisation. So, for example, you should receive paid annual leave (holiday allowance) and, of course, a salary. 

Not only are you earning while learning, but you get a qualification at the end of it too. Upon completion, you’ll gain a Level 5 Apprenticeship which may include a qualification such as a DipHE or HND or a qualification from a professional institution. 

With the above in mind, the outcome of your training will help motivate you throughout the process. Every apprenticeship is different, so make sure you do your research. 

What do you earn on a Level 5 Apprenticeship? 

Now we’ve mentioned salary; you’re probably curious about the pay. Most organisations pay the Apprentice Minimum Wage (£4.81 in the UK, as of April 2022) for the first year of your apprenticeship before increasing this to the National Minimum Wage (for your age group). 

That said, payment can vary widely from corporation to corporation. For example, some Level 5 Apprenticeships have been known to offer more than £25,000 per annum in the first year, a generous graduate salary. 

As you’re still a student, apprentices also receive student discounts, giving you discounted prices for events, outings, transport, and even commercial shops, across the UK. 

Can I do a Level 5 Apprenticeship? 

If you’re considering applying for a Level 5 Apprenticeship, you’ll need to know the entry requirements. Entry requirements will differ from role to role. However, some essential prerequisites may include a minimum of level 3 qualifications, such as a level 3 (advanced) apprenticeship, A-Levels, BTEC, or an NVQ.

Don’t have the above qualifications? No need to worry. Most providers will consider applications with a reputable work history in their chosen discipline. The latter exemplifies why Level 5 Apprenticeships are fantastic higher education opportunities–they honour applicants' hard work and practical experience rather than solely prioritising academic backgrounds or grades.   

Apprenticeships with Pareto 

What is a Level 5 Apprenticeship with Pareto? 

At Pareto, we offer a range of world-class training, including an Operational or Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship equivalent to a foundation degree. The training provides apprentices with excellent management skills and experiences, producing the most competitive and sought-after graduates. 

Benefits of pursuing a Level 5 Apprenticeship with Pareto 

Spread out over 21 months (with 80% of learning taking place on the job), Pareto’s Operational Management Training is specifically curated to deliver the primary competency requirements for: 

  • Leading and Managing People
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication
  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Data Analysis
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Business Development
  • Contingency Planning
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Risk Management

The uniquely designed courses hone candidates for businesses that rely on a leadership and management structure for their growth. The course rockets candidates towards their full potential, ensuring learners take home maximum knowledge and skills, putting them in great stead when pursuing their professional goals. 


Pareto’s Level 5 Apprenticeship enables participants to discover drive in all aspects of their work, harnessing resilience, determination, and accountability. The training also nurtures valuable behavioural traits, fostering authentic and trustworthy individuals with consistent and unrivalled agility, positivity, and professionalism. 

​​On completion, apprentices will be able to undertake critical organisational tasks, possessing the interpersonal effectiveness and awareness to deliver results and drive success.

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