Operational or Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship

Our Operational or Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship is a level of qualification equivalent to a foundation degree. Operations Management training with Pareto reflects the importance of a strong management skillset for leaders in any business.

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Key Outcomes from Operational or Departmental Manager Level 5

Pareto’s Operational Management training is uniquely designed to deliver the core competency requirements in Leading and Managing People, Building Relationships, Communication, Operational Management, Project Management, Financial Forecasting, Data Analysis, Negotiation Skills, Business Development, Contingency Planning, Performance Monitoring and Risk Management. Since 80% of the study method is undertaken on the job, relevance and productivity for employers is optimised whilst professional development excels.


21 months, with 80% of learning achieved on the job, for optimum productivity.

Who it's a good fit for:

Operations Management training is suitable for people in roles such as Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager or Department Manager in any industry.

The course can be tailored to suit employer business requirements, ensuring learners achieve their maximum potential and deliver the knowledge and skills their business needs. With 80% of learning on the job, this is a regulated qualification designed for all businesses who rely on a leadership and management structure for their growth.


What are the entry requirements

Apprenticeships span from Level 2 to Level 7.  As a rough guide, level 2 equates to five good GCSEs, with 6 & 7 comparable to an honours degree. The level 5 Operational Manager is an 'Advanced Apprenticeship', equivalent to a foundation degree. 

The course can be tailored to suit employer business requirements, ensuring learners achieve their maximum potential and deliver the knowledge and skills their business needs. 

These apprenticeships are open to a wide range of learners, giving employers the power to choose their apprentices as long as some very basic criteria are met.

An eligible person must be; A citizen within the European Economic Area (EEA) or have the right of abode in the UK, and have been ordinarily resident in the EEA for at least the previous three years on the first day of learning or a non-EEA citizen with permission from the UK government to live in the UK, (not for educational purposes) and ordinarily resident in the UK for at least the previous three years before the start of learning.

Modules Covered

  • Self Awareness
  • Personal Development Planning & Developing Others
  • Build on Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Build Better Business Relationships
  • Handle Conflict and Negotiate
  • Collaborative Management Communications
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Managing Multiple & Remote Teams
  • Performance and Talent Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Leadership Styles
  • Coaching For Results
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Developing Your Leadership Case
  • Financial Governance & Compliance
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Deliver Your Strategy
  • Manage Successful Change
  • Business Development and Continuous Improvement
  • Managing Reporting and Data Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Project Governance and Roles
  • Delivering A Project
  • Project Evaluation
  • High Impacting Presentations


  • Project Management
  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Managing & Leading Change
  • Operational Management Approaches & Models
  • Managing People and Developing Relationships
  • Project Management Systems
  • Setting KPIs and Objectives
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Management Skills
  • Quality Control

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Safeguarding Information for Apprenticeships

Here at Pareto Law, we are committed to putting the safety and well-being of all our learners at the forefront of our process. Prevention is a huge part of what we do and education around safeguarding issues is an essential aspect of preventing harm.

This safeguarding page will help you find the contact details or information you may need to support you in safeguarding the apprentices in your business.

Email: safeguarding@pareto.co.uk

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Safeguarding Information for Apprenticeships

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