Whyte and Mackay Hires 15 Pareto Graduates

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Initially Whyte and Mackay took on 15 graduates from Pareto along with a customised training package both for these and existing experienced sales staff.

Rosslynn Law, Operations Director at Whyte and Mackay, commented: “We have invested millions in our brands so were looking for people that not only excelled in sales but, more importantly, individuals who would share our passion for our brand values and positioning within the market. Pareto offered a bespoke solution, with ready-made high calibre and highly trained sales people.”

To support the new graduate intake Pareto have delivered four bespoke sales training modules, designed specifically around Whyte and Mackay’s corporate values and business requirements. The Business Development Executives (BDEs) are also given intensive product training, including visits to distilleries and meeting the company’s master blender; the award- winning Richard Paterson.

Jonathan Fitchew, joint managing director of Pareto, added: “The Pareto approach is designed to provide businesses with a highly effective sales recruitment solution through the selection of the top graduates. We have worked hard to build a strong understanding of the requirements of Whyte and Mackay, and this has enabled us to design a selection, assessment and training process that provides graduates with the skills to grow and develop with the company.”

The training for Whyte and Mackay’s existing Sales Managers is to familiarise them with the four modules of the Pareto BDE training programme and help build individual sales skills. Over the first year some 65 additional sales staff will go through the Pareto training programme.

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