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10 facts that prove you need to prioritise customer service

We’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service; from rude restaurant servers to unhelpful call centres. How many companies, shops or restaurants have you and your family now boycotted for some reason? Well, regardless your business, customers could be doing exactly the same with you. What’s more, very few of these unhappy customers report their complaint, meaning you could be completely unaware of the bad reputation growing around your business.

This is why it’s vital to make sure all customer-facing staff are trained on how to interact with customers in order to best represent the business. If you needed any more persuading the below are 10 facts which demonstrate the importance of good customer service.

If you're a tech company, we can help you to enhance your customer service and support teams through our Pareto Tech division. We are also now offering the Customer Service Level 2 apprenticeship course, which is relevant for all industries. You could have 90% of the costs paid by the government, making it an extremely affordable customer service training solution. 

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