How Pareto Continues to Innovate

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Pareto was first formed in 1996. We focused on assessing, hiring and training the best salespeople around. We discovered top talent around the globe, placing them with companies. And we found a great deal of success with this.

But, since then, we have evolved, leading us to deliver a wide range of services. We always strive to innovate, as this allows us to continue delivering value to those we work with. And this drive to innovate has helped us to expand into new areas.

We now work in various fields including sales, leadership, digital and project management. Here’s how we continue innovating and driving the company to new heights. 

Tailoring products and services

When it comes to training courses, many companies only sell off-the-shelf content. With this, you buy a readymade package, which anyone has the potential to gain access to. This approach does have its place in the market. It tends to be low-cost and easy to apply. The training will likely cover several key topics. This will allow your employees to gain an understanding of a subject. 

But, here at Pareto, we know there’s a way we can deliver more value. That’s why we provide companies with the opportunity to get their hands on bespoke training. With our bespoke training, you will receive tailored training content. We will go about doing this by first, assessing your business needs. This will give us an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. From this, we will design the content with a variety of key topics and skills in mind. 

Of course, this is more in-depth than off-the-shelf training. And as a result, the process will take more time. But, we build bespoke training courses for your business. This, in turn, will help your employees realise their potential.

Evolving our service offerings 

We have over 25 years of experience. We have always maintained the belief that the top 20% of sales talent gets 80% of the results in the sales industry. So, starting out in sales recruitment, we set out to assess, place and train salespeople. We then placed those we considered to be top talent with industry-leading companies. Since then, we have gone on to place over 30,000 graduates. 

Satisfied, as a successful company in the sales industry, we could have stayed with what we knew. But, like the innovators we are, we took big strides to continue evolving. This allowed us to build on our original purpose and move into new areas. Now, we can help companies with apprenticeships, executive search and change and transformation

But, the drive to evolve and succeed doesn’t stop there. Each area of our business is seeking opportunities to innovate. For example, our apprenticeship team started by delivering sales apprenticeships. And we now offer digital apprenticeships as well. Our attention to detail ensures we continue evolving with the times. This provides our clients and candidates with more opportunities to grow. 

Analysing and adapting to market trends

The world is always shifting. So, to keep up, we recognise how important innovation is. Because of this, we analyse the market, in an attempt to identify and understand trends. We are aware that consumer behaviour allows us to deliver a better experience for those we work with. 

We take note of up-to-date industry research. This gives us knowledge of the latest developments in our focus areas. This approach allows us to deliver more value to our customers. For example, companies are becoming more reliant on technology. As a result, we noticed many companies were struggling with a lack of digital skills. Recognising this need, we started offering digital apprenticeships. 

But, our drive to innovate goes beyond the services we offer. We also pay great attention to how we deliver them. The pandemic stopped us from delivering our services in a face-to-face environment. That meant we had to adapt in a way that ensured we continued to provide high-quality service. This led us to provide assessment and learning opportunities in an online environment. This allowed us to keep interacting with our clients and candidates. And due to its success, we now provide virtual sessions as well as face-to-face sessions. 

Expanding our expertise

People are at the heart of what we do. Whether we match candidates with industry-leading companies. Or we guide a company through a successful digital transformation project. So, with that in mind, we care about delivering the best results possible. That’s why we are always on the lookout for ways we can improve our services. Part of doing this is making sure we continue to grow our knowledge base. This allows us to curate and deliver the most relevant information. 

For example, we always want to deliver a top-of-the-range training service. And to do this, we need to know and understand the latest selling techniques. This approach has led us to deliver a social selling course. We recognise the power of social media platforms. So, we help salespeople evolve in line with certain technological developments. With up-to-date course content, we ensure our learners develop in the best way possible.  

Pareto as a growth partner 

You might find yourself working with us for a specific reason. Whether that’s because you need top apprentice, graduate, or executive talent. Or you might come to us for help with your digital transformation needs. Either way, we aim to deliver a top-of-the-range service every time. 

A company might have an initial problem that needs fixing. And of course, our priority will be to find a solution. But, we can deliver companies with more than a simple fix. Instead of recruiting talent and leaving the relationship there, our doors remain open. This means we can help you in other departments. After all, we’ve already taken the time to get to know your company inside out. 

Building a long-term partnership with us will allow you to grow in several areas. And as your growth partner, we can help you to expand in more ways than one. Whether you need help with your skills gap, growing your business or recruitment. We can help you achieve your goals and boost your company’s revenue. Take a look at our Growth page for more information on how a partnership with us can benefit you.

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