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Closing the tech skills gap with change management projects

The modern reliance on technology has forced businesses to focus on the necessity of digital skills for some time now. However, with the pandemic requiring much of the workforce to work from home, even more emphasis has been placed on technology. Beforehand, digital skills were a beneficial quality to have, but now they are an integral part of an applicant’s skillset. As there’s the potential for a skills gap to negatively impact businesses, it’s important to consider the reasons for its occurrence and how it can be fixed.  

Why is there a tech skills gap? 

Essentially, the skills gap means that there is a shortage of qualified candidates to fill specific job roles. Although, this can be applicable to any type of job, it tends to be a recurring issue in the tech industry.  

This can generally be put down to the fact that technology evolves at a rapid rate. Businesses are quick to implement new technology when they realise the benefit of doing so. As a result of this fast paced process, there is a distinct lack of people who possess the skills and experience to operate it effectively.    

Why is a tech skills gap detrimental? 

With there being a limited talent pool for many tech jobs, there’s often a struggle for companies to find suitable candidates. Quite often, a role might go unfilled because of this, leading to projects being delayed or failing to launch. Companies that encounter this will likely suffer a loss in revenue.    

Those in the IT department or similar tech-related roles will probably have to deal with additional work to compensate, leaving them with tasks that they might not even be qualified to do. This can damage job satisfaction, causing skilled workers to resign, intensifying the issue of a tech skills gap.  

How to close your tech skills gap? 

One of the more common ways companies will attempt to fix their skills gap is by contracting specialist staff. However, this is only a temporary solution that tends to be quite expensive. Therefore, companies need to optimise a long-term strategy that helps them to cope with their tech skills gap.     

Firstly, it’s important that you narrow down the specific skills that your business is missing. Then, you want to see if you can provide training for a current member of staff or hire a new one if necessary. Not only will this allow you to complete the necessary tech projects, you will be creating an environment that allows for plenty of development opportunities, helping you to attract and retain talented employees.   

How Pareto can help   

If you are in urgent need of highly qualified individuals to help you close your skills gap, then fortunately, with the use of Pareto Project Solutions, we can provide you with immediate support for your projects.  

With our experience of being the UK’s largest graduate assessment, placement and training provider, we ensure that our candidates are equipped with the tools they need to be effective within your business change and transformation environment.  

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