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Hot Topics - May 2022


National Pet Month (NPM) celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through our educational campaigns and resources across our various platforms. NPM celebrates pet ownership, sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK.

This is month of celebrations and fundraisers for responsible pet owners. Why not get involved with some fundraising or simply send in your cute pics, follow the link below for more information.
There are lots of other ways you can help too. If you feel you could give a furry friend a loving home, why not visit one of your local re-homing centres and become a responsible owner of the many thousands of animals in desperate need of new owner and forever home. 


Skin Cancer awareness month is an annual awareness campaign that takes place every May. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and educate the public about the ways to help prevent skin cancer.
UV exposure from the sun is one of the main causes of skin cancer and also one of the most preventable. This campaign hopes to reduce instances of skin cancer and increase the likelihood of early detection through education.
During the month, people who have been affected by skin cancer are encouraged to get involved by sharing their stories on all forms of social media using the hashtag #MySkinCancerJourney, and everyone is invited to share information about sun safety, skin cancer prevention and early detection with friends and family. Special awareness classes will also be available in many schools, and there will be an increase in stories around this theme in the media.

Who is affected by Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK according to the NHS. Approximately 16,000 new case of melanoma are diagnosed every year and more than 1 in 4 skin cancer cases are diagnosed in people under 50 which is a lot younger than the average figures for most other types of cancer. The increased popularity of tanning culture is thought to play a part in the number of younger people contracting melanoma. Intense exposure to sunlight whilst on holiday, and the use of tanning beds are very damaging to the skin and this damage can cause a melanoma to form.
More than 2,300 people die every year in the UK from melanoma.
• your skin wherever you are in the world. That means cold countries and hot countries, in winter and summer.
• It's particularly important to wear a high SPF when you're in the sun on a hot sunny day. SPF 50 is recommended when in strong direct sunlight, and especially if you have pale skin or any moles. Whether you're sunbathing, gardening or playing games in the sun, remember to apply an SPF sunscreen before you go outside and to reapply it regularly once you're in the sun.
• Clothing is another thing that you can use to protect yourself from the sun. Dark clothes absorb sunlight, so light colours will keep you cooler. But covering your body with clothes will also shield you from the sun's harmful rays!
• As we've discussed, sunbeds can be very dangerous and are thought to be linked to the high numbers of melanoma amongst younger people. That's why you should avoid using them at all costs. If you'd still like to get tanned, then a safer method is using self tan or fake tan! There are hundreds of different brands available that you can try that are tailored to suit different types of skin. Why not try one of these instead of a sunbed?
•One of the key aims of Skin Cancer Awareness Month is to teach people how to check their skin for signs of skin cancer, and to encourage everyone to do this regularly. Checking your skin will help you spot any skin cancer early on. The earlier that skin cancer is caught the better the chances are of successful treatment! d.ashx?IDMF=e74598f4-e8ac-4792-8ae9-b538ee1d9a24 calendar/skincancerawarenessmonth 2021/#:~:text=May%201%2C%202021%20%2D%20May%2031,to%20help%20prevent%20skin%20cancer.


Deaf awareness week is all about promoting the positive aspects of living with deafness. This events aims to raise awareness of the isolation that deaf people can occasionally experience, and promote the importance of social inclusion around the deaf community. 
Did you know that in the UK there are over 50,000 deaf children and more than 10 million people have some form of hearing loss?
 The event also raises awareness of British Sign Language (BSL), which is a language used by many people in the UK who are born deaf.
The UK Council on Deafness wants to celebrate all of the amazing local organisations around the UK that support deaf people and their families and friends during Deaf Awareness Week
 For more information or to get involved follow the link below: