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How Can Graduates Help Bridge the Growing Need for Business Analysts and Project Management Roles?

In an increasingly data-driven future, the European Commission believes there could be as many as 756,000 unfilled jobs in the European ICT sector. Furthermore, The World Economic Forum estimates that more than half (54%) of all employees will require significant reskilling by 2022, but the problem is likely to be even higher in some regions.

As new roles emerge and skills requirements change, the size of the existing pool of skilled workers will only get smaller. We can already see this starting to take place as there is a massive shortage of people skilled in data science and AI. Soon companies won’t simply be able to fall back on rapid hiring or talent poaching. 

Subsequently, when this gap starts to widen, the only way to narrow it is to make sure we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to do so. That’s why we’re investing in a new assessment and training line to upskill talented graduates to industry standards, providing a pathway for the next generation of data-driven experts.

How Can Hiring A Graduate Help My Business Overcome The Skills Shortage?

Hiring a graduate can be very advantageous, especially when hiring for roles that are experiencing a talent shortage - such as Business Analysts or Project managers. Why?

1. Affordable

Graduates naturally have lower salaries and are therefore more affordable for companies to hire

2. Ready to mould

Graduates are often perceived as a ‘blank canvas’ as they have no previous working habits. This means you can easily train a graduate to perform a task exactly how you’d like.

3. Fresh Ideas

Graduates can inject new ideas into your business and apply current thinking from academia acquired from leading-edge thinkers and industry professors. 

4. Productivity

Graduates are extremely agile and willing to accept change. As they’re used to studying, they learn quickly leading to increased productivity. 

5. Succession Planning

Providing a career path for a graduate and enabling them to reach management level within your firm can solve succession planning concerns if there is an ageing demographic or skills shortage. 

6. Competitive market

The most coveted graduate schemes are immensely competitive. For example, there were over 5,700 applicants for just 10 places on the Saatchi and Saatchi's summer scholarship scheme. At Pareto, we receive over 35,000 applications per month from talented graduates looking for a foot in the door. However, we only take on the very best.

Where Can I Find Talented Graduates?

We understand that the demand for talented and knowledgeable Business Analysts and Project Management candidates has accelerated even further post-Covid. As a result of this, we recognise that there is an industry-wide shortage for such individuals and therefore, we want to support both our diverse candidate population, and our clients.

As the UK’s largest graduate assessment, placement and training provider, we have the resources and knowledge to implement a solution. Enter, Pareto Innovate.

Pareto Innovate offers a contracted Business Analyst and Project Management resource to clients through a graduate assessment, technical training, placement, soft-skills training, and coaching solution. Our focus is on upskilling talented graduates to industry standards, supported by a structured soft skills training programme, and monthly technical and business coaching sessions.

Certainly, our robust 4-part screening process includes competency-based questions, a technical test and a 5 hour assessment day to ensure that successful applicants are of the right calibre for you.

Let’s Innovate 

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