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How companies can attract new talent

Has your company been struggling to attract new talent? The pandemic has certainly made the British job market highly competitive. At the start of June, 197,000 more employees joined payrolls while vacancies now exceed pre-crisis levels

The reality is, if your company is not well marketed, you risk missing out on talented candidates to your competitors. So, how do you become a magnet for talented candidates?

Start from the job advert

Candidates should be able to see themselves working for you. Sometimes, red flags can be easily spotted on the job advert. If the job description is too formal, candidates will question your company culture. It might indicate an unfriendly atmosphere, filled with rules and restrictions. If the description is unclear and shows a lack of effort, the candidate will question how genuine your company is.

Have a strong company reputation and online presence

This is essential. If your website looks like it was built 60 years ago it raises a red flag. Also, don't forget that candidates will be looking at your company reviews on sites such as Sometimes, a few negative reviews are inevitable. Yet ensuring your presence in these sites and addressing all queries will set your company apart from competitors.


We have reached a time where perks such as Christmas parties and ping pong tables are no longer considered relevant perks. Candidates know that their skills are highly in demand and are expecting to see more advantages from recruiters. Your company should be aiming to include health care advantages, free gym memberships, paid volunteering days and perhaps even birthdays off. 


In today's technological era, there is no better way to keep on top of your competitors without offering work flexibility. From partially remote, flexible times and fully remote, candidates want to make sure that they can maintain a fair work-life balance. Show how your company is keeping on top of the new technological innovations by allowing them to work from a distance.

Make use of Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter should be your best friends when recruiting. This does not only market for the vacancy, it also increases the visibility of your company, shows off your company culture and allows the candidate to see themselves as part of your team.

We understand that all companies are different. However, these few tips will ensure that the most compatible, passionate and determined candidate does not overlook your job opening. The secret is to make yourself stand out.

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