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How to Attract STEM Graduates to Your Business

As we increasingly rely on the digital world for our everyday wants and needs, from entertainment and shopping to work and communications, it’s more important than ever before that businesses incorporate that need for technology into their offering.

Ensuring they have the capabilities to keep pace with the advancements in the digital world will mean being far more prepared for success in the future.

The emergence of ‘Industry 4.0’ – the collective term for such digital advancements as the Internet of Things, automation and cloud computing – has meant companies having an increased need to prime their customer service offerings to exist in a more tech-forward world. It’s vital that any company now finds a way to balance effective tech competencies with greater interpersonal soft skills such as communication and acumen, to offer customer service that meets expectations. Customers must feel that you not only have the digital prowess to help them, but also that you can do so in a human, personal way.

There are many ways to get it right in this regard, but STEM graduates (sciences, technology, engineering and maths) are increasingly seen as some of the strongest candidates in this regard. Combining their tech skills with people skills, they can be the ideal hire for companies looking to fill a gap in customer experience positions.

Tech knowledge is the essential part of the role, but by combining this with priceless soft skills, you create a culture of customer care that is not just reliable, informed and intelligent, but also personable. This adds an experiential plus to the already important customer confidence level.

So how do you attract these invaluable STEM grads to your company? We’ve identified the ways you can make your company a particularly desirable workplace for the very best STEM candidates leaving university this summer.

Advertise for the right people

By advertising in the right place, for the right people with the right information you can attract the ideal hires. If you don’t manage to find the perfect balance, you may not find the right candidate with the appropriate knowledge for your company.

Before you send your ad out, do your research. Find the right websites where these particular graduates are looking for work and only advertise the role there. That way, you avoid wasting time looking through CVs that don’t fit the bill.

Adopt a forward-thinking culture

Modern graduates are more discerning than they’ve ever been. It’s no longer all about the pay. STEM graduates will want to get a feel for who you are and what you stand for, and the more forward-thinking your company is, the more chance you stand of hiring the best STEM graduates.

Include a link in your advert to a section of your website that describes your company culture in more detail. Add information about how seriously you take your social responsibilities, the opportunities you offer to your employees and how inclusive you are. By highlighting the things that are important to candidates, you stand a better chance of bringing the hire you want on board.

Include opportunities for career progression

The best STEM candidates are both passionate and ambitious, and they’ve probably already mapped out where they see themselves in the future. Your company needs to match their ambition to show them it’s a place they want to be.

Indicate the progression opportunities whenever you talk to a candidate, potentially even mapping out how they might progress throughout their career. Make it clear that you’re offering the chance to develop into more demanding roles and grow their skills. Tell them about training opportunities you offer and make it clear that you’re just as invested in their progression as they are. This can help inspire and excite candidates, giving you more chance of success.

Flexible working

In modern business, the working day is no longer restricted to the 9-5. Businesses across the world give their employees the opportunity to take up a flexible working week. These companies come across as forward thinking and progressive, whilst making their employees happier and more productive at the same time.

Offer a flexible working system and a good work life balance and your company will soon become a desirable place for all the most talented STEM candidates.

Begin prepping your business for the future and put these tips into action to attract STEM graduates to your company. Kick-start the process now and use Pareto Law to recruit the best of the best. We specialise in finding those talented individuals who fuse STEM capabilities with the essential soft-skills for a winning combination.


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