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Ready to start your graduate sales recruitment search? We are market leaders in in this field with more than 25 years of extensive experience assessing, placing, and training top graduate talent into fast-growing businesses, we are best placed to help empower your business. So, if you are interested in hiring a sales graduate to boost your revenue growth, discover our Graduate Sales Recruitment service and realise the potential of your business today. Complete the form to request a call back, or speak to the training team directly on 0371 454 3497.

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Two decades of turning graduates into greats

For over two decades as graduate recruiters, we have delivered the top 20% of sales talent into leading industries around the globe. From Fintech to IT, manufacturing and much more, each year we place over 2000 exceptional graduates across 100 industries globally. 

UK Market Leader of Graduate Sales Recruitment

We're known for spotting potential. So many of our graduates have excelled in their positions, quickly securing the top jobs and delivering remarkable ROI for worldwide businesses.

We meticulously select the very best in sales talent and commit to providing each of our graduates with up-to-date, world-class sales training both face-to-face and digitally. Our unique approach offers each graduate our industry-renowned training to skyrocket their chances of success while also amplifying your business. 

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Graduate talent needs to be nurtured to excel

Our Graduate Sales Recruitment service includes 128 hours of training as standard. At Pareto, our training covers the vital sales skills your new hire will benefit from to succeed, from prospecting to negotiation skills and account management.

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Graduate Sales Recruitment FAQs

Once we have handpicked the top talent, we place the candidates into graduate sales schemes and roles with our clients. As graduate recruiters, our commitment to your success from our recruitment process doesn’t stop when you hire. At Pareto, we provide every candidate we place with 128 hours of first-class, graduate sales training and support, so they’re fully equipped with a stellar sales toolkit and the confidence they need to excel within your company. Not only this, but all of our graduates also have 42 hours of innovative digital skills training to enhance their sales knowledge to further bolster their chances of exceptional performance. 

Over two decades, we’ve worked hard to develop a streamlined graduate sales recruitment process that really works. We do the leg work so that you don't have to, and save you the time searching for that perfect individual.

We meticulously evaluate each candidate even before they are invited to an assessment day. From there, we narrow down to the best of the best so we can confidently offer each of our clients the very top sales talent. With Pareto, you’re guaranteed sales results without having to invest hours in the initial training of your newest salesperson.

Hiring graduates has so many advantages. Not only are they equipped with enthusiasm and drive to succeed, but they can be very good value for your business. We successfully place over 2000 top graduates into sales roles throughout the country every year. Many of our sales graduates have delivered over 100% ROI within their first quarter.

We advertise to reach candidates for specific roles, receiving over 360,000 CVs each year. We assess all graduate candidates to our assessment days by engaging in a series of exercises to evaluate their suitability.

Our record speaks for itself

It’s our commitment to excellence that drives us. We only place the very best candidates for our clients and we are proud of the lasting relationships we’ve built.

From the very start, back in 1995, innovation and growth have been deeply rooted in our ethos. We were the first recruitment agency to offer our unique blend of recruitment and training, and we are still the leading graduate recruitment agency in the country. We have total confidence in our graduates and are recognised for placing graduates who continually exceed expectations in the role.

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Why use a Graduate Sales Recruitment Agency?

We believe in the power of potential and we are experts at finding graduates who will go on to succeed.

At Pareto, we help you find the top graduate talent for your roles by:

  • We receive over 360,000 applications annually
  • Narrowing applications down to the very top talent, then inviting these candidates to an assessment day
  • Running more than 25 assessment days globally every week
  • Developing our assessment system to specifically pinpoint those who have the potential for sales success
  • Delivering over 170 hours of blended digital and face-to-face sales training to successful candidates

With over two decades of experience recruiting graduates through sales hiring, we are always evolving and know how to adapt to market changes quickly. Despite now placing 70% of our graduates into tech-based sales roles, our years of experience means we have competence across over 100 industries and we can always find the best sales graduates to suit any role.

What makes our Graduate Recruitment service unique?

We’ve been refining our process for over 25 years.

Our Sales Essentials Course is tailored for sales beginners, equipping them with fundamental selling skills, one-on-one coaching, and interactive activities. Participants will learn to structure proactive sales calls, overcome objections, and secure commitments for future steps like appointments, demos, and prospect connections. Our dedicated trainers work closely with you and your team to ensure the course aligns with your specific goals. With a strong emphasis on interactivity, attendees need to bring their mobile devices. By course end, your salespeople will be poised to kick-start their sales careers and contribute to your business's growth.

Sales Essentials Training

Pareto's Sales Prospecting course emphasises the pivotal role of a positive mindset in effective telephone sales prospecting. This practical training equips delegates with tools and techniques to advance through the sales cycle via proactive live calling. The primary goal is to generate prospect interest, with a focus on call qualification and accessing decision-makers. Experienced sales trainers offer motivating 'desk coaching' to recognize and drive success in cold calling. Tailored for organisations seeking new business opportunities, this course empowers your sales team to unlock their potential and maximise your business's growth.

Prospecting Training

Our Negotiation Skills Training empowers delegates to excel in value-driven negotiations. We challenge them to explore high-value options, safeguard margins, enhance variable values, and steer away from price-focused negotiations. Pareto's interactive course encourages active participation, allowing delegates to lead negotiations in group activities and craft personalised negotiation plans. Throughout the program, top talent will create a STEP analysis, measuring and securing ongoing commitment for extended sales cycles. By course end, your sales team will possess a transformative toolkit, ready to foster long-term partnerships and drive growth for your business.

Negotiation Training

Our Account Development training is a practical course that equips delegates with a strategic approach to proactively nurture accounts and establish themselves as trusted advisors. Delegates will conduct thorough audits of their existing accounts, pinpointing opportunities and strengths to ensure enduring relationships. Through guided discussions, they'll determine which accounts merit prioritisation for future potential. Prior to the course, delegates should have one or more accounts to apply their skills in real-world scenarios, or they can enrol with multiple accounts forming a segmentation plan. Following the identification of priority accounts, delegates will create tactical plans for growth and protection, collaborating in groups and benefiting from expert feedback and support.

Account Management Training

The Advanced Sales Excellence training course is tailored for experienced sales professionals, with over nine months in their role, aiming to elevate their performance. This advanced program equips delegates with a "transformational toolkit" to engage both new and existing clients, delivering valuable insights. The course also includes dedicated coaching to harness their commercial and industry knowledge, enabling a strategic and transformational approach. Elevate your top sales talent to the next level with this comprehensive training, providing the advanced skills and techniques necessary for sales excellence.

Advanced Sales Training

Pareto's Powerful Pitching masterclass empowers delegates to craft, practice, and assess a pitch centred on delivering their business's value proposition. Throughout the course, we stress the importance of engaging and inspiring the audience. Our expert sales pitch training facilitators offer coaching and guidance to your top talent, ensuring they deliver impactful pitches via webinars, face-to-face interactions, or formal presentations. The course encompasses techniques to boost confidence in delivering compelling messages and aims to enhance your sales team's group presentation skills. Delegates will evaluate a variety of pitches, fostering peer-to-peer learning and elevating their pitch proficiency.

Pitching Training

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