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How to build a high performing sales team

A high performing sales team is essential for any business looking to see growth. Without one, you’ll struggle to stay ahead of the competition and meet your overall business goals. Before you can reap the rewards of a high performing sales team, you need to assemble a group of people who have the right attitude, character traits and work ethic. If you need some ideas in how you can form such a specialist team of salespeople, there are a few suggestions within this article.

Build an engaging sales culture

The culture is often significant in determining whether there’s a positive atmosphere within a company. The sales team is no different and can even require higher levels of engagement to boost their rate of performance. A good sales culture can often help to set the tempo when looking to achieve high results on a consistent basis. As long as your salespeople feel like they have the backing and support of the company, challenging them can lead to a more productive sales team.  

Although, you want a sense of competition among your salespeople, it’s important that your sales team are operating on the same wavelength. Salespeople that support each other will generally lead to a high performing sales team. This unity can usually be achieved through regular team meetings and team building exercises.  

Provide incentives

You can only build a high performing sales team if they are motivated to continuously push themselves. One way to do this is to offer incentives to your salespeople. This means providing each salesperson with a fair base salary and a rewarding commission plan. In addition, you can publically congratulate your sales team for reaching their goals. By recognising their achievements, your sales team are likely to be more motivated to increase their rate of sales.

Give feedback  

In order to attain a high performing sales team it’s important to allow for periods of self-reflection. This can be brought on by providing your sales team with individual feedback. To do this, you’ll need to set aside some time to review the performance of each of your salespeople and then provide them with your findings. This will allow your salespeople to realise the areas in which they are doing well and those they need to improve. With the assurance that they are being guided in the direction of success, your salespeople will feel like a valued member of the team, which will make them work harder towards their goals as a result.

Offer sales training

For a sales team to stay at their very best and keep improving, they need regular training sessions. During these sessions, your sales team will be able to improve their selling skills through a number of group based activities. This doesn’t have to a tedious experience, in fact, it can act as yet another morale booster for your sales team.

Putting the phones down every so often in favour of training sessions has the potential to do more than just improve the skills of your sales team, it can be beneficial for the business as a whole. Ultimately, a company with a high performing sales team is going to close more deals and therefore, increase revenue and overall business growth. 

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