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Tips For Becoming A Successful Account Manager

As an account manager, you’re responsible for one of the most important areas of any business: client relationships. As the first point of call for your clients, you need to juggle contracts, build relationships, and consult with your clients effectively.

Successful account managers should be able to effectively communicate with their clients as well as build relationships with new ones. They should be able to see the big picture, understand the long term value of clients, and have the business skills to nurture them while remaining personable and professional.

To be a successful account manager, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Whether it’s your communication strategy or negotiation skills, these tips will help you to become more effective and successful at account management. 

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Build strong relationships with your clients

One of the most important aspects of an account manager’s role is building client relationships. Successful account managers should be people-oriented, and able to effectively build trust between clients and your brand. To do this, you need to ensure that you’re communicating regularly with your clients, being proactive in regards to assisting with problems, and always being transparent and honest with them. Ensure you’re doing these things, and you’ll successfully build trust and retain clients.

Improve your negotiation skills

Negotiation is an often-overlooked skill, but it’s hugely important for account management teams. You’ll be in charge of preparing contracts for clients, resolving issues for them, and up-selling in order to increase your company’s profit. To be a successful account manager, you need to have good negotiation skills. 

To become a better negotiator, make sure you understand what your client wants and practice active listening, where you’re not just passively listening to their concerns and wishes but effectively taking them on board. Or, you could consider a negotiation skills training course.

Understand your clients

It should go without saying, but effective account management means understanding your clients. To become a more successful account manager, keep this in mind at all times, and go out of your way to understand your clients and their business areas. Try to clarify their goals frequently to get a better understanding of where they are at, and conduct your own research into their industry to understand the latest trends. 

Not only will this build trust between your brand and your client, but you’ll also foster long term relationships with your clients by proving that you have the knowledge and skills to assist them.

Communicate effectively

As the liaison between your brand and the client, you should be able to communicate effectively no matter the topic or knowledge level of the person you’re talking to. Account managers should be able to use their communication skills to reassure clients, negotiate effectively, and build trust. 

To improve your communication with clients, tailor your calls or emails to the client in question and try to get as much information from them as possible when you do speak; this will keep you focused on their goals. Additionally, don’t forget about the quiet clients who aren’t in constant communication. Be sure to set routine reminders to check in with them and assure them that you are here if they need any assistance. 

Review your accounts regularly

Finally, you should consider reviewing your accounts regularly to see where you could be more effective. For example, don’t delay in making capture plans to entice clients to stay with you once their contract is up for renewal. If you’re prepared with these, then you may be able to renew clients before they have a chance to look to your competitors. Set a concrete plan that takes into account how you’re performing and what else you could do to improve your client’s long term performance. 

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