Winning Strategies to Attract and Retain Gen Z



By 2030, 30% of the global workforce will consist of Gen Z talent. As a business leader, it’s vital that you’re able to attract and retain these candidates, given that they’ll only become a greater part of your workforce as we move through the decade. Knowing how to assess these candidates is only half of the battle—it’s also important to know how to motivate and drive them.

There’s often a sense that the demographic is an enigma. Still, it’s clear that organisations are recognising the unique ways in which Gen Z talent approaches their work and the resilience and productivity benefits that they’ll be missing out on if they don’t provide an environment in which these candidates can thrive. 

Of course, there have been plenty of articles across the web over the last few years exploring Gen Z job expectations. Despite the solid insights that many of these blogs and reports offer, we wanted to go beyond that to focus closely on the impact that Gen Zs will have on profitability and business change within the modern sales environment. 

This guide to attracting and assessing the right competencies in this demographic aims to give you robust, actionable, and pragmatic advice that can help you to connect with top talent and empower your Gen Z career development strategies today.

“These candidates are often looking for more than just a job… There are great salespeople out there, but you need to be certain that you’re tailoring yourself to what they’re looking for.”
—Gabrielle Crofts, Senior Vice President

Our latest insight piece on future-proofing your sales team covers:

  • The impact of Gen Z talent on productivity and profitability in the modern sales environment
  • How Gen Zs can empower your EDI initiatives and enhance your employee value proposition
  • Cost Effective Strategies for Attracting Top Gen Z Talent
  • How To Protect Your Investment In Gen Z Talent

Empowering your Gen Z hiring strategies

As Gen Z job expectations see candidates prioritising clarity in job descriptions and feedback from interviews, our insightful guide offers concrete data on what Gen Zs are looking for when they’re applying for roles in the modern business environment. We cover how you can innovatively assess the essential sales skills that these candidates possess to ensure that your application and hiring process is tailored to the candidates from this demographic.

“...we see a lot of drive and ambition from Gen Zs. It’s just packaged differently.”
—Gabrielle Crofts, Senior Vice President

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