Elevate Your Talent Acquisition Game

Employer Brand Research Report 2023

Discover the techniques for effective hiring, comprehend the significance of employer appeal, and maximise the advantages of remote work, diversity, and inclusion, among other things.

Discover the Power of Employer Branding

Unlocking Pareto’s Key To Successful Talent Acquisition

The UK Employer Brand Research Report 2023, is here to help you understand the critical role of employer branding in attracting top talent and achieving recruitment excellence for your organisation. 

Dive into a comprehensive exploration of employer attractiveness, job-switching behaviour, training and career development, remote working, and diversity and inclusion insights. This research offers practical recommendations to improve your hiring strategy based on an independent survey of around 163,000 respondents and 6,022 employers globally.

Key Highlights:
  • With insights from the UK Employer Brand Research Report, you can maximise the potential of your employer brand and change the recruitment environment for your organisation.
  • Learn how to close the gap between expectations and reality by identifying the EVP Drivers that are most important to employees.
  • Navigate the growing world of remote work and its effects on productivity and work-life balance.
  • With knowledge of the expectations and preferences of your workforce, embrace diversity and inclusion as a cornerstone of your employer brand within your business.
  • Discover the latest trends in training and career development and use personal development to attract and keep top personnel in your company.
  • Top Employers in the UK for 2023 Include powerhouses like WTW, Apple, British Airways, BAE Systems and more. Enhance your business employer brand by taking inspiration from their achievements.
To turbocharge your talent acquisition strategy and meet your organisations hiring objectives, get the full report right away.