Why employ an apprentice?

Why Apprenticeships?

We’ve been passionate about delivering exceptional training for over 25 years.

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Why Hire an Apprentice with Pareto?

Our apprenticeship courses are open to any business, industry, and location. We provide programmes to top talent who have the potential to take your business to new heights. Our apprenticeship training can support your business in overcoming internal skills shortages, upskilling existing staff, building new teams, solving your retention pain points, and any other hiring challenges you may be facing. 

Develop a strong workforce

Apprenticeships often carry a stigma of being associated with young people starting a career in a limited industry. However, this is not necessarily the case. Professional apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16. Whether talent is beginning their career or looking to be upskilled in a specific industry, apprenticeships have no limitations when it comes to catering to a specific industry. Our courses can support a broad range of dynamic, forward-thinking industries.

Find a diverse range of programmes

As a registered apprenticeship training provider (ROATP), we are qualified to provide a variety of apprenticeship courses to a diverse group of candidates. We offer a range of courses Sales apprenticeships, Leadership and Management apprenticeships and Digital apprenticeships. As the UK market leader in training, we are always determined to deliver a high standard in providing exciting, dynamic programmes for the apprentices we support.

We're your trusted partner for high-quality apprenticeships

When you choose Pareto as your trusted apprenticeship provider, we will develop a close partnership with you. We will go above and beyond to understand your business challenges and will tailor a solution to help you reach your goals. Whether you're looking to hire an apprentice or upskill an existing employee, we will present you with the best apprentices and government-approved apprenticeship courses to progress your business. 

We have over 25 years of experience

We have over two decades of experience assessing, placing and training top talent. The power of potential inspires everything we do, and we go above and beyond to empower people and businesses worldwide to realise their potential. We are dedicated to providing innovative apprenticeship training that will truly transform your business and the careers of your new, existing and future talent. So, if you are interested in taking on an apprentice with Pareto, get in touch today.

Why Employ an Apprentice?

As a specialist training provider, we understand why apprenticeships are so beneficial for businesses. Our extensive experience in delivering Sales apprenticeships, Leadership and Management apprenticeships and Digital apprenticeships make us best placed to provide you with the benefits of an apprenticeship. 

Our Apprenticeship Success Stories

Daisy Communications

Don't just take our word for it. Discover how Apprenticeships have transformed how Daisy Communications attract and nurture top talent.

We are proud to have worked with leading global organisations to upskill, motivate and inspire their staff. We are committed to providing each apprentice with the support they need to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Our Apprenticeship Team knows what it takes to facilitate the growth and success of all the learners that come through our learner journey. We have been shaping our training to meet both the specific needs of our clients and learners across each of the government-approved apprenticeship courses we offer.

Watch the video to see how our apprenticeship courses supported Daisy Communications.

Pareto’s Apprenticeship Vision

Our vision is to be a leading training provider in the UK, offering innovative and high-quality learning experiences for both learners and businesses. Guided by our core values, we are focused on excellence and aim to elevate apprenticeships to the highest possible levels of attainment. Our developing partnerships with employers are key to achieving this aim and ensuring that every learner can reach their full potential in a safe and supportive place to work and learn.

Our Values

Igniting the

At Pareto we are passionate about everything we do. Our respect for each other and our clients resonates throughout the whole company. When people engage with us they get a real sense of our spirit and passion in putting people first.

Showing our commitment

We are committed to finding and developing the most exceptional talent in the market and helping our clients and our people to really make an impact in their businesses. We are dedicated to offering insight and expertise and remain committed to giving time and support to our clients every step of the way.

Always be people focussed

Every employee and external client trained, placed and up skilled has always been, and will always be, at the heart of our business. Working as one team, and with people at the centre of everything we do, our goal is to support and champion those around us and create a sense of belonging.

What is important to us?

Our Employers

We are proud to have worked with leading organisations to deliver exceptional training for our employers to really make a difference to their workforce.

Our Learners

Our learners are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to facilitating opportunities through learning to improve people's lives.

Our Training

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training for each of our learners throughout the duration of their apprenticeship to inspire them to achieve their goals.

Making Progress


Progress and development are fundamental for success, so we are committed to ensuring progress for our employers and learners.

Apprenticeship Learners in Training​

Our innovative and high-quality apprenticeship training provides the best learning experience for our delegates. Whether classroom-based or remote webinar training, we strive for excellence to ensure all apprentices are making good progress.

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Stats of our learners in training

100% of our apprentices rated the trainer's knowledge as Good/Excellent
90% of our apprentices rated the overall course as Good/Excellent
92% of our apprentices rated the overall trainer support as, well you guessed it; Good/Excellent
Pareto has achieved full Matrix Accreditation in December 2023

Matrix Accreditation

The Matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the quality of the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance. The DfE supports the matrix Standard as the quality framework for accrediting information, advice and guidance contracts including the National Careers Service, its subcontractors and other services delivered on behalf of the Education Skills Funding Agency.

What is the Matrix Standard?

It is the international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance (IAG). Either as their sole purpose or as part of their service offering.

Comments made in the report by assessor:

"Support has always been there with Pareto, but the variety and amount of support is now greater."

"The trainers and Skills Coaches were super energetic, efficient and knowledgeable."

"Quality is seen as a support function within Pareto."

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Our apprenticeship courses can support you if you are interested in hiring an apprentice or are looking to upskill an existing employee.

When you partner with us, we will help find an apprentice best suited to your business needs or support you in upskilling your current workforce and provide you with the in-demand skills to help you realise the potential of your business.

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