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Looking to invest in your team?

Discover market leading sales apprenticeship training from just
£33 per month*

*based on Sales Executive Level 4 monthly average fees across 18 months @ 90% government funding excluding VAT.

If you’re looking for sales training, have you considered apprenticeships? Probably not. Well, it could reduce your training costs so it’s definitely worth investigating sales apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeships have long been associated with young people learning on the job. In reality the apprenticeship door is now open to anyone over the age of 16.

 Paying the Levy? Click here to find out how much you can invest in training with our new Levy Calculator.

We offer the following government approved courses:

  • Level 4

    Sales Executive

    A game-changer in sales team development. The new Sales Executive apprenticeship was designed by industry experts to teach the essential skills every successful salesperson needs. Perfect for new and experience salespeople.

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  • Level 3

    IT Technical Sales

    Stay on top of trends in tech and give your team the tools and knowledge they need to excel in this competitive industry. Whether you’re training to build your IT helpdesk, or upskilling a tech business development professional, this is the course for you.

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  • Level 2

    Customer Service

    Keep your customers happy and engaged, maximise on upsell opportunities and maintain your reputation with customer service training.

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  • Level 3

    Team Leader

    Create strong leaders and respected managers to lead your sales teams to success. This course is perfect for both junior level and middle management.

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  • Level 5

    Operations Manager

    Get your operations in order and boost performance to hit those deliverables targets. We’ll teach your apprentice everything they need to know to have your business running smoothly and exceeding targets.

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Sales Apprenticeships offer value to your business... helping you build revenue, increase staff retention and enhance brand positioning. Ben Turner, Association of Professional Sales

How sales apprenticeship training and funding works

If your pay bill is higher than £3 million your business will be paying the Apprenticeship Levy, which is charged at 0.5% of your pay bill. The money then sits in your HMRC digital account until it is either spent on apprenticeship training or expires in 24 months’ time. If you don't pay the levy, then you are eligible to receive 90% government funding for any apprenticeship training you enrol your staff on. This makes apprenticeships a highly affordable option for workplace training for all UK employers. Check out our Guide to the Levy to find out more. 

As part of the new range of apprenticeships, Pareto offers the following apprenticeships:

Sales Executive Level 4

Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

Operations Department Manager Level 5

Team Leader Level 3

IT Technical Sales Level 3

Why a sales apprenticeship?

Sales is the main function of a business which both maintains current revenue and generates growth. This is why sales apprenticeship training is the clear choice for training investment, whether you pay the apprenticeship levy or take advantage of the government’s 90% co-investment funding. It only makes sense to invest in the skills which bring a strong ROI for your business.

With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in 2017, only approved Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (ROATP) are qualified to train this more diverse range of apprentices. As a market leader in sales training, Pareto Law were one of the first to be selected to provide exciting, dynamic programmes to ensure quality training for sales apprentices.

Why use Pareto as your apprenticeship provider?

Every company with a pay bill of more than £3 million in the UK has to pay the Levy and if the money is not spent within 24 months it will expire. This fund can be used solely for apprenticeship training purposes so, to get the most out of it, you need to invest it in your apprentices – and that doesn’t just mean 16 year-old school leavers anymore. The money can be used to train anyone within your company. Used wisely, this programme could transform the career of someone in your business and if invested wisely, increase revenue.

Pareto is the ideal choice to provide sales apprenticeship training, with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. At Pareto, we know that by creating sales apprentices, you’ll be introducing highly skilled and talented workers into your company. With that in mind, your ROI from the Levy could be greatly increased and your company’s bottom line boosted.

Specialist teams at Pareto Law have imparted their knowledge to more than 120,000 sales people across its 20 year history, and take pride in their ability to deliver outstanding results. We’ve carefully honed and perfected our training courses over the years to maximize the potential in everyone we teach.

Key outcomes of using Pareto for apprenticeship training

We’ve been at the heart of the sales industry for more than two decades and our knowledge and experience is second to none. We’re committed to getting you the very best results, so you can guarantee that your apprentices will be fully equipped to succeed in the competitive world of sales.

What’s more, by opting to spend your Levy money on sales apprenticeship training, you’ll be maximising your ROI and directly boosting your business’ income in the process. So get the most out of your cash and spend your Levy fund on upskilling from the market leading sales recruitment and training company in the UK.

As the Levy funds have a time limit on them, the trick is to act fast to ensure you get the return on your money. To choose Pareto as your apprenticeship sales training provider, fill in the enquiry form below or call our experts to find out more.

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Paying the Apprenticeship Levy?

Invest your levy in one of Pareto's best in class new apprenticeships.

The  Apprenticeship Levy came into force in 2017, charging companies with a wage bill over £3m an additional 0.5%. So how much do you have to spend on Apprenticeship training and what courses can you invest in?
That's where our handy calculator comes in...

Your organisation's annual UK payroll

The Apprenticeship 'Fire It Up' campaign

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