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Apprenticeships have long been associated with young people learning a trade in a limited area of industry. In reality, professional apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 and operate in a wide range of dynamic, forward-thinking industries. 
We might be the market leader in sales recruitment and training but our apprenticeship courses go far beyond sales. Supporting clients and employees in their development, no matter which department.

We are passionate about helping people develop into future business leaders. Dedicated training and support is essential. Evolve your business with a targeted and comprehensive apprenticeship sales training plan designed to release potential and create long-term performance and growth for your company.

Passionate about delivering exceptional training.

Passionate about delivering exceptional training.

Our vision is to be a leading training provider in the UK offering innovative and high-quality learning experiences for both learners and businesses.  Guided by our core values, we are focused on excellence and aim to elevate apprenticeships to the highest possible levels of attainment. Our developing partnerships with employers are key to achieving this aim and to ensuring that every learner has the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe and supportive place to work and learn. 

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Helping organisations and individuals to unleash their potential.

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Investing in training your staff is essential for business growth, and sales apprenticeship providers are offering businesses around the country the ideal training solution.


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How apprenticeship training and funding works

If your wage bill is higher than £3 million then your business will be paying the Apprenticeship Levy. The Levy is charged at 0.5% of your wage bill and this money is collected in your HMRC digital account until it is either spent on apprenticeship training for your business, or expires after the 24 month period. If you don't pay the levy, then you are eligible to receive 95% government funding for any apprenticeship training you enrol your staff on. This makes apprenticeships a highly affordable, cost-effective solution for workplace training for all UK employers. Check out our Guide to the Levy to find out more. 

Apprenticeship funding can be used to upskill, train and grow anyone within your company, whether this is someone right at the beginning of their career, or an existing member of staff that could benefit from advanced sales training. When used wisely, this programme could transform the career of someone in your business and in turn, increase revenue for your company.

With 25 years’ experience in providing exceptional training, we are at the forefront of excellence and are perfectly positioned to work within a wide range of innovative and dynamic apprenticeship training programmes. We know what great potential looks like, and we understand that by investing in apprentices you’ll be introducing highly skilled and talented workers into your company. With that in mind, not only will you see a more fulfilled and inspired workforce, but your ROI could be greatly increased and your company’s bottom line boosted in a very cost-effective way. 

Our specialist teams here Pareto Law have imparted knowledge to more than 120,000 salespeople across a 25 year history, and we take pride in our ability to deliver outstanding results. We’ve carefully honed and perfected our training courses over the years to maximise the potential in everyone we teach and we're increasingly excited about the incredible talent that is being unleashed by the new apprenticeships. 

Getting the most out of the Apprenticeship Levy?

Invest your levy in Apprenticeship Sales Training

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force in 2017, charging companies with a wage bill over £3m an additional 0.5% to invest back into the workforce.

See how much you could be investing with our Apprenticeship Levy calculator below. 

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