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Apprenticeships have long been associated with young people learning on the job - ok, maybe not quite as young as the trainees above!  In reality the apprenticeship door is open to anyone over the age of 16. The aim is to place skills development and the increased productivity this generates at the heart of business priorities. 

Pareto Law, market leaders in sales training, are one of the first ROATP approved (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) sales training companies and are at the forefront of apprenticeship training. Our dynamic programme aims to ensure that we can support our clients with as many of their training needs as possible, bringing valuable growth to their businesses.

Introducing Pareto's new IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3.

Over the last 21 years we have successfully trained over 17,000 graduates in technical sales roles, so it seems only appropriate that our first Apprenticeship is the new IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3, available in November 2017. Our training solution is set to surpass the requirements of this new apprenticeship standard.

Pareto's course framework combines the very best of our classroom and digital learning, on and off the job, over a 13 - 15 month period. Build your teams' talent and motivation with Pareto's world class training and development, giving them everything they need to excel in any technical sales role.

Who is eligible for the IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3?

Apprenticeships span from Level 2 to Level 7.  As a rough guide, level 2 equates to a GCSE, with 6 & 7 comparable to a degree. The level 3 Technical Sales Apprenticeship is an 'Advanced Apprenticeship', equivalent to 2 A-level passes.

It suits people already in, or aspiring to be in, the following tech sales based roles, at a trainee, executive, or junior account manager level: tech sales, tech business development, tech customer support, telesales, telemarketing, account management and similar. 

Entry requirements can be set by employers, so any new or existing staff can be enrolled onto the Technical Sales Apprenticeship provided they meet the basic criteria of being an EU citizen and having lived in the EU continuously for the last 3 years. There are further minor stipulations, contact us if you're not sure if your staff are eligible for the course.

This apprenticeship is recognised on the Register of IT Technicians, and is 80% on the job, minimising the loss of working hours for employers.

How does the funding work?

You'll probably be aware that your levy payment is held in your HMRC digital account, from which monthly payments are made directly to your training partner as your staff receive their apprenticeship training. If you don't use your levy pot within 24 months, the government reserves the right to transfer your fund to other employers, so making the most of your investment and acting quickly is key. You can use your levy pot to fund the entire apprenticeship. Check out our guide to the apprenticeship levy.

If you haven't yet decided your apprenticeship strategy or training partners, then talk to our expert team at Pareto today.  

Why a Sales Apprenticeship?

Sales is a universal business function, key to growth, irrespective of industry or business size. In recognition of this, the government has created the IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship, Level 3, and is in the process of finalising the new B2B Sales Executive Level 4 standard. 

Pareto's new B2B Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship is due to launch later this year.

We are also strategic partners of the APS (Association of Professional Sales) who led the trailblazer group for this much anticipated new standard. You can rely on Pareto for the very latest updates on the new Level 4 standard as it goes through final government process and approval. Call our expert team and look out for the latest news on the apprenticeships section of our site.

6 New Pareto Apprenticeships available Q4 2017

We will also be providing the following apprenticeships from Q4 this year: Customer Service Practitioner Level 2, Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3, Operations Department Manager Level 5, Financial Services Customer Advisor Level 2, Junior Management Consultant Level 4 and B2B Sales Executive Level 4*.

All of these apprenticeships, (*with the exception of the B2B Sales level 4, which is awaiting standard approval) are already government approved, so you can use your levy to fund them now.

Remember, for SMEs not affected by the levy, the government has also committed to paying 90% of apprenticeship costs for eligible employees, making apprenticeship training and development more accessible across the board.

Overview of the IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3 

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This exciting new apprenticeship empowers technical salespeople to sell proactively and with confidence. Pareto's acclaimed IT sales training is now partnered with CompTIA technical training (CompTIA are the leading and trusted voice in the IT industry) to deliver this winning combination of technical and sales insight. The apprenticeship is designed to include 80% of the learning completed on the job, reducing downtime. The 10 modules below highlight learning scopes and competencies.

Pareto's unique training solution enables clients to customise their programme, and is delivered through a blend of training methodologies, to include: Classroom, Digital eLearning, One-to-One & Group Sessions, Webinars and Tutorials; all with ongoing assessment and support throughout.


IT Fundamentals


Cloud Essentials


Know your sector


Personal Professional Development


Building Customer Relationships






Managing Projects 1


Personal Effectiveness


Sales Toolkit


Managing Projects 1


Deliver the Solution


Sales Apprenticeships offer value to your business... helping you build revenue, increase staff retention and enhance brand positioning. Ben Turner, Association of Professional Sales
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