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We've all experienced a bad manager in our time and some of us were unfortunate enough to be managed by one. It doesn't matter how competent someone is in their role, without the proper skills and training they're unlikely to make a successful leader. 

This is where one of the new apprenticeships might prove very useful. Using your levy pot you can invest in several management programmes, the first level of these is the Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship, which is perfect for junior level and middle management. 

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Introducing Pareto's new Team Leader Apprenticeship Level 3

Over the last 22 years Pareto has successfully trained over 100,000 executives worldwide in leadership skills, across a variety of industries and management levels. Leadership training is fundamental to personal development and sustained business growth.  
Our new Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship now empowers more businesses and their employees to benefit from our acclaimed training, which both meets and surpasses the requirements of this brand new government standard.

Who is eligible for the Team Leader Apprenticeship Level 3?

Apprenticeships span from Level 2 to Level 7.  As a rough guide, level 2 equates to an A-level, with 6 & 7 comparable to a degree. The level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship is an 'Advanced Apprenticeship', equivalent to 2 A-level passes.

Eligibility criteria for an apprenticeship includes having been living in the UK continuously for 3 years. For the Team Leader course specifically, employers can choose who they consider suitable but it should be a good fit for anyone at Junior Manager, Project Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor or Project Officer level in any industry.

How does the funding work?

You'll probably be aware that your levy payment is held in your HMRC digital account, from which monthly payments are made directly to your training partner as your staff receive their apprenticeship training. If you don't use your levy pot within 24 months, the government reserves the right to transfer your fund to other employers, so making the most of your investment and acting quickly is key. You can use your levy pot to fund the entire apprenticeship. Check out our guide to the apprenticeship levy. If you're NOT a levy payer then we hope to be able to offer apprenticeships for you from Q1 of 2018. 

If you haven't yet decided your apprenticeship strategy or training partners, then talk to our expert team at Pareto today.  

Overview of the Team Leader Apprenticeship Level 3 

The Team Leader apprenticeship is designed to build, develop and enhance all the essential leadership skills. The apprenticeship is includes 80% of the learning being completed on the job, reducing downtime. The graphic below highlights just a few of the skills addressed by the course. 

Pareto's unique training solution enables clients to customise their programme, and is delivered through a blend of training methodologies, to include: Classroom, Digital eLearning, One-to-One & Group Sessions, Webinars and Tutorials; all with ongoing assessment and support throughout.

Team Leader Build Skills

Team Leader Develop Skills

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