Sales Pitch Training

Sales Pitch Training

Are you looking to make sure that your sales team is the best that it can be? That it is driving your business forward and generating sales? Then getting your sales pitch right is key. Your team needs to ensure when pitching to potential clients that their register is right, that they cover the topics that are important to the client and most importantly that you are selling yourself as the best provider of your wares.

Getting your pitch right takes training, practice and a number of different selling skills. Here at Pareto we aim to provide those skills to make sure that your team are pitch perfect every time.

Our trainers, experts in all areas of sales, through our open courses give you the necessary skills to get to the top of the ladder. We have a number of courses that you can sign up to; from the Fundamentals of Selling to Professional Selling Skills, you can pick and choose which modules are most needed by your team.

If you feel that your team needs further training or there is a specialist area that you need covering then we can also create a training programme that is tailored to the exact needs of your business. Through assessing your selling performance we can locate any gaps in your team’s selling knowledge and provide training to bridge that gap.

We are passionate about making sure your team gets the skills they need to be industry leaders. Our training experts have years of experience in selling across a plethora of industries and with our choice of training modules you know you will be getting the best return on your investment in training. We call it the Pareto Effect – your team know they are the ones to beat and you know you have the best sales people.

With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.

Deborah Berry National Sales Manager, Medla UK
Deborah Berry - National Sales Manager, Medla UK

  • 2.8K

    2.8k days worth of sales training per year

  • 50

    Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%

  • 4700

    Assess and train 4,700 sales people a year

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