Problem Solving

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This short training course is perfect for new and experienced I.T. & Technical teams looking for additional support with communication, soft skills and sales techniques. 

Course Overview

This course will enable you to understand problems that arise in commercial environments, to ensure you have the tools to not only analyse but also apply relevant solutions – and to be able to future-proof your business against such problems arising again.

Key Outcomes from Problem Solving

By the end of the course you will be able to:

• Identify and define problems
• Explain how to conduct a HOP Analysis
• Use powerful questioning techniques to uncover relevant information
• Conduct courageous conversations and facilitate effective conflict management • Evaluate and select appropriate solutions
• Devise and execute a plan for implementation and review

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Modules Covered

  1. Evaluate and select the appropriate solution
  2. How to communicate the chosen solution
  3. Implement the solution
  4. Delegation and reporting


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