Case Study


Navigating Talent Scarcity Through Project Solutions

Explore how Computacenter was able to enrich its workforce and culture through a partnership with Pareto’s expert Project Solutions consultants, securing fresh graduate talent with a forward-thinking hiring strategy.

A FTSE 250 company that employs around 20,000 people worldwide, Computacenter is a technology and services provider ensuring that workplaces are prepared for the digital transformation already well underway.


  • Wanted to discover fresh talent which could be nurtured into catalysts for their pipeline
  • Aiming to enhance workforce diversity
  • Scalable, flexible approach required for recruitment of candidates for project management roles


  • 12 graduates assessed, placed, and trained
  • Graduate intake included 50% women, and 50% of candidates were from diverse backgrounds
  • Flexible model for hiring talent, enabling Computacenter to scale workforce up and down according to market and demand
  • Provided a cost-effective and rapid solution to bring young, early-career candidates into the IT industry
  • Continued relationship has resulted in Computacenter utilising our training
  • 18-month trial period offered for all graduates, allowing them to be evaluated before moving into permanent positions

A Desire to Discover and Nurture Young, Ambitious Talent

With a globe-spanning business, Computacenter acts as an expert consultant on all things digital for its broad customer base, which includes government bodies, major corporations, healthcare providers, and more. 

With over four decades at the forefront of technology sourcing and supply chains, professional services, and the management and maintenance of digital operations, Computacenter’s hiring strategy often targeted candidates with prior experience in project management. 

As a result, their existing team was largely comprised of time-served experts. However, this strategy was not seen as effective for building a long-term and, importantly, sustainable talent pipeline of candidates. 

The organisation and its leaders recognised the need for change. Heads of Transformation and Change were time-starved but required the personnel and resources to complete their business-critical work. 

They came to Pareto with the idea of shifting away from their hiring model focused on traditional talent and attracting fresh, ambitious graduates with the attitudes and core competencies that would set them up for long-term career success with this IT and managed services-focused market leader. At the same time, such an investment in emerging talent would also serve to bolster their existing employee value proposition, highlighting Computacenter’s commitment to developing the skills of their staff.

The Solution

Working closely with Computacenter’s business leaders, Pareto’s Project Solutions consultants established the organisation’s need to invest in emerging talent. This would provide them with a cost-effective hiring solution that could flexibly accommodate their needs. 

With our flexible hiring model, which allows businesses to scale their workforce up and down as market conditions and buyer demand dictate, we were able to quickly source and place 12 graduate candidates. 

Whilst these candidates lacked the IT, project, or technology backgrounds of some of Computacenter’s more seasoned colleagues, by championing innovative and diverse approaches to talent, the organisation was able to take advantage of a youthful team, balanced at 50% women and 50% candidates from a diverse background.

This shift in hiring strategy was a risk for the business but one that has ultimately paid off—all candidates are ready to begin working as part of their permanent headcount within an 18-month period. 

Computacenter is leading in this forward-thinking approach to hiring, investing their time and resources into growing their new hires to the next level of professional project management ability and, ultimately, success in their long-term careers. Pareto ensured that this talent was ready to hit the ground running through our provision of project management training and apprenticeship support, enabling Computacenter’s business leaders to continue to focus on their business-critical activities.

With our ongoing partnership seeing Computacenter leveraging our other training and apprenticeship options to bring all staff up-to-speed, the organisation looks set to continue benefitting from a refined talent strategy which focuses closely on potential rather than prior experience, allowing ambitious, motivated early-career professionals the opportunity to join a major global force in the technology market.

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