Case Study


Medela specialises in the manufacture and supply of healthcare and breastfeeding products, operating on a global scale to deliver solutions to a spectrum of customer bases including the NHS, Private Hospitals, and retailers for breastfeeding such as Mothercare, Amazon, and John Lewis Partnership.

With 1'900 employees worldwide and a reputation for delivering high quality, premium level products for its end users, Medela is a recognised brand that symbolises innovation and excellence  

What We Did

In 2013, Medela approached Pareto with the challenge to establish and embed a universal sales model within the company's Field Sales Team, standardising practices across both their healthcare and breastfeeding divisions. Increased competition with the marketplace called for investment in high-level selling skills to set Medela apart in their market, but as a unique business, Medela was seeking a tailored solution to meet their needs. 

Undertaking extensive research, Pareto built a solid understanding of who Madela were as a business, profiling the skill sets of existing staff and identifying exactly what the business was seeking to achieve. Due to the depth of understanding 

and contextualisation of our proposal, a relationship was established.

Throughout 2013 – 14, we delivered bespoke sales excellence training to 20 employees across both divisions within Medela. In 2014, delegates had the opportunity to return for an additional follow-up course. In 2015, Medela approached Pareto to request a coaching day for their senior-level employees, in order to support management-level staff in embedding the learning. In addition, Medela also engaged with Pareto for customer service training. 


The Pareto Effect

By building a comprehensive understanding of Madela as a business, we were able to design a truly contextualised training solution that translated into the day-to-day process of the company and was in line with the objectives they set. 

Utilising methodologies from the training, Medela staff have adopted a more consultative style of selling and are demonstrating significant improvements in competency levels across the board. Building a culture around the Pareto sales excellence model, Medela staff continue to use learnings from the training on a daily basis, which also serves as a means to reflect on performance and continually set new objectives to develop and improve.

With the support of Pareto training, Medela has seen a tremendous 32% sales growth in their newer healthcare division, alongside an 8% growth within the more established breastfeeding division. The Pareto training also made a positive difference to the Medela customer service team, who deal with end-users and NHS customers via telephone and email.
Creating sustainable behaviors was paramount to the long-term success of the Medela team. By working closely with the managers prior to and post-training, we empowered Medela with a top-down approach to ensure long-term change. With the right support mechanisms, tools, and techniques in place, training would translate into day-to-day processes: and knowing could turn into doing.

We continue to work in close partnership to deliver on Medela’s long-term objectives for growth and development.


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