Apprenticeship FAQs

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Do I have to pay National Insurance for my Apprentices?

Apprentices under the age of 25 are exempt from employer national insurance contributions.

How can I hire an apprentice and use my levy fund with Pareto?

To learn more on how you can hire an apprentice, or enroll an existing employee onto our apprenticeship training programme call us on 0330 057 4891.

How do we deliver our training to support the apprentice for blended learning?

  • Work-based Learning - Learning through real life management experience, your apprentice will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and expertise through guided activity. This incorporates support from their Line Manager and Skills Coach.
  • Face to face classroom training - Interactive and engaging events that focus on both leadership and management knowledge, skills development and practical application. Providing a great opportunity to network and experiment in a safe environment.
  • Virtual learning - Combining cutting-edge digital learning content with real-time access. The e-learning elements of the programme enable your apprentice to optimise their learning, time and team performance.
  • Learner visits - Apprentices are supported by experienced Skills Coaches in embedding the knowledge and skills gained. This will ensure smooth application and ongoing performance improvement, whilst preparing the apprentice for the end point assessment.
  • Online tools - Employers, Managers and apprentices will have access to E-track, a powerful e-portfolio designed to drive productivity and improve performance outcomes of the programme.
  • Employer support - Employers will have complete visibility of apprentice progression, access to the skills coaches and support and guidance with planning the apprenticeship programme for their business.
  • Manager support - Managers are supported as part of the process in developing a highly skilled professional through an initial interactive induction and a series of sales management e-learning modules.

How do you work out your apprenticeship levy fund?

To calculate the levy fund for your business, you can use our Levy Calculator. Please click this link 

How does the apprenticeship levy work?

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force in 2017, charging companies with a wage bill over £3m an additional 0.5%. This sum is placed into a special fund to be used exclusively on apprenticeship training of new and existing staff. - If your wage bill is not high enough to pay the Apprenticeship Levy you are still entitled to 90% funding on apprenticeships.

How long does a typical apprenticeship last?

Courses are a minimum of 12 months with a 3 month end point assessment process.

Is hiring an apprentice a positive move for a business?

75% of business leaders think the Apprenticeships Levy is positive for business to improve their quality of products and services, according to the Training Journal. To see what our clients say on apprenticeships please click here.

What are the requirements of joining the new apprenticeships?

The new apprenticeships are open to a wide range of learners, giving employers the power to choose their apprentices as long as basic criteria is met. The main requirements are that the learner is an EU citizen and has been living in the EU continuously for the last 3 years. There are also some stipulations around subject for university graduates. For further details contact us to find out if your staff are eligible.

What is the enrolment process for the Apprenticeship learners?

The enrolment process is designed to achieve a number of areas, amongst them are the compliance and legislative requirements needed for funded training, but we do try to make it beneficial for all. You will be enrolled over 3 steps. Educate - Where we will discuss the best qualification for the learner. Engage - Where they will receive more in depth information specific to the qualification and the requirements. Then finally, Enrolment - where we will make sure the learner is ready to start the apprenticeship training and to meet the dedicated skills coach for support along the journey.

What is the IT and Technical Sales Apprenticeship?

The IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship provides you with all technical and sales related skills to be successful selling within the IT sector, from initial IT terminology to learning around how to position value to your clients through applying essential questioning techniques to ensure smooth delivery of the sales process - with your solutions complementing your clients existing IT Infrastructure. Upon successful completion, apprentices will be entitled to membership with RIT Tech. 13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job.

What is the Operational Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship?

Our new Operational Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship is a level of qualification equivalent to a foundation degree, reflecting the importance of a strong management skill set for leaders in any business. 24 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job, for optimum productivity.

What is the Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship?

The new Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship empowers salespeople with the essential blend of knowledge skills and behaviours they need for success, improving your team’s abilities in key areas such as customer understanding, product knowledge, market and competitor insight, through to organisational, rapport building, negotiation and presentation skills development. 13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job.

What is the Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship?

13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job. Designed for all businesses who rely on leadership and management structure for their growth, and those who wish to help their staff rapidly progress into roles with greater levels of responsibility.

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