Pareto Spreads Christmas Cheer with Charity Campaign

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Pareto Spreads Christmas Cheer with Charity Cold Calling Campaign

December demanded something special for another of Pareto’s famed themed cold-calling days, resulting in a company-wide charity initiative that didn’t fail to fill all with festive cheer!

The challenge was set to raise funds for a variety of worthy charitable causes ahead of the Christmas season, with individuals from across every regional office divided into festive teams (including “Team Elf”, “Crackers” and even “Christmas Pudding”) and set the competitive contest to bring in the biggest overall total after two weeks of creative fundraising.

Pareto's fancy dress outfits for Christmas

The heat was on from the start, with all manner of weird and wonderful ideas put forward to encourage all and everyone to dig deep and give generously. While Team Reindeer had a mobile bar operating up and down the office, the Xmas Puds put their very own “pudding”, expectant mum-to-be National Account Manager Sarah, up to receive bets on future baby-Sarah’s weight (final result still eagerly anticipated!..) .

In true Christmas spirit, food and drink were the main tools of choice for raising the pennies with a daily tuck shop, lunchtime custom-made paninis and more; however, there were also many eager volunteers queuing up to wax Jack in the Chiswick office and ex-Paretoee Kate was booked to pop back for a spell in order to offer her talents as a masseuse. In the build-up to the day, the entirety of Pareto was also tasked with sourcing children’s gifts for the Samaritan Shoebox Appeal, providing underprivileged children around the world with a gift to open this Christmas.

As the eagerly-anticipated cold calling day rocked around, Pareto’s own went to town on the fancy dress: boasting an array of festive costumes, all offices were swamped by Snowmen, Christmas Trees, Elves and more. Santa’s grotto was assembled and the big man himself waiting in the wings to reward those who made it onto the Good List, while each Pareto office was decked with tinsel, lights and baubles to get all in a money-making festive mood.

Thanks to some incredible energy and true Christmas spirit, the day’s events were a resounding success company-wide. Pareto tallied up an impressive total of 129 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, filled to the brim and bursting with goodies to make children smile on Christmas day.

CEO Jonathan with "Santa", Bryn Thompson

Better still, an astounding £6,861 was raised in total, to be put to causes including the Family Action Toy Appeal, whose Northern centre Moston provides support and respite to young carers who hold responsibility for being the ‘adult’ in their families, and the Lewisham centre in the south, who support 76 children who play the role of carer to parents with emotional or mental health disabilities. Additional funds were distributed across centres within the UK, supporting those families with vulnerable children in need over the Christmas period.

The energy of the day also drove huge success for the business as individuals put their Christmas charm onto the phones, booking appointments and recruiting graduates in-between festive-themed games, quizzes, business-card roulette and a hugely impressive rap performance by now-renowned performer Paul Drew, Pareto’s own Marketing-Director-cum-Eminem-wannabe.

London shows festive charity Wilmslow staff show festive charity

Speaking about the results of the day, Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Fitchew remarked: “It takes a unique culture and company to drive this level of performance, energy and generosity, and the results speak for themselves! It’s been a truly fantastic day all-round and I couldn’t be prouder of the people who made it possible. Thank you to the wonderful staff here at Pareto – you nailed it!”

A big shout out to each and every individual at Pareto who contributed to the days’ success, and from all here at Pareto, here’s to a very merry and charitable Christmas 2014!

Pareto's London Chiswick office don festive outfits for Charity



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