The Benefits of External Recruitment when Hiring Managers

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Our latest article evaluates the benefits external recruitment can have when hiring managers for your business. Discover the full article here.

Strong leadership is vital for every company in every industry. These are the business’ driving force, those who oversee the goals, strategy and direction of the business, motivating and directing others to achieve the desired results.

Whether your business is looking to expand and needs new leaders to maintain momentum, or you’re recruiting managers to replace outgoing members of staff, finding the right people can be a challenge. You need to ensure candidates not only possess the required skills, but also that they are the right cultural fit for your business and the position.

While promoting internally will often be a good solution to finding your next manager, at times you may be faced with a situation where this isn’t possible – whether that’s because there’s a lack of internal applicants, or just because no one is quite ready to make that step up. This is where external recruitment offers a range of benefits for any business looking to appoint new management.

Improve Efficiency

Recruiting managers can be a lengthy process. It will usually follow a number of steps:

  • Creating a job advert for open positions
  • Promoting the advert online
  • Receiving and reviewing applications
  • Arranging and holding interviews
  • Setting and reviewing tasks
  • Deciding on the successful candidate

For smaller businesses in particular, this can eat up a lot of precious time. Using executive recruiters to find suitable candidates externally can free you of this responsibility, allowing you to focus on growing other areas of your business.

The risk of making a bad hire and having to spend extra time finding a replacement for them also reduces greatly when using external executive recruitment. All you need to do is provide a job description and profile of who is required, and they’ll do the rest.

Access a Large Talent Pool

As you’re filling some of the most important positions in your business, assessing as many potential hires as possible is highly beneficial. When you look outside your own business, you have access to a larger pool of talent and can bring in people with wide-ranging skills and experience. This enables your business to screen plenty of candidates and select the best person, rather than having to settle for one.

This can be a downside to hiring internally – as the talent pool you have to choose from is more limited. When you’ve got the time, you can interview and assess as many applicants as you feel necessary, without being pressured into choosing from just a select few.

Introduce New Ideas

One of the biggest advantages to hiring managers externally is that someone who is fresh to the business can bring with them a host of new ideas and innovations. As they will be in an influential position, this means significant improvements can be made to the way the company approaches everything, potentially having a positive impact on the wider team and individuals.

Their experience should lead itself to tackling problems from a fresh perspective and highlighting any improvements that can be quickly made to your processes.


Build a Business as Diverse as your Clients

Diversity in the workplace is an important consideration in the modern world. A more diverse workforce means businesses have access to a greater pool of skills, experiences and backgrounds, which can improve the approach they take day to day.

Hiring management from different backgrounds can expand the personalities you have in top-level positions, providing a more balanced approach to decision-making, and external hires give you a better chance to bring in more diverse candidates than you may already have on board.


Make the Most of Management Experience

One of the main reasons for recruiting management externally will be to improve your business and keep it growing. The candidate who is offered the role should be someone with plenty of industry knowledge and experience. For start-ups and new companies, this may only be possible with someone brought in from outside the business.

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