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For more than two decades, we’ve worked with CEOs, MDs and Sales Directors in some of the most sales-oriented, demanding businesses across the world - we have an extensive network of more than 50,000 sales and commercial leaders across more than 100 industries. 

Unlike other recruiters, we understand you need time to ensure you’ve made the right call, which is why we offer up to a 12-month free replacement guarantee on our Executive placements. This way you can rest assured you’ve got the right person for your business.

No one knows the sales industry like us. We’ve been at the forefront of senior sales and commercial hiring and executive sales training for more than two decades, and we use this experience every single day.

We don’t just work within executive recruitment either. We’re the market-leading UK sales training providers, using the knowledge we‘ve accumulated to upskill over 120,000 salespeople and counting. 

Our wealth of experience means we know exactly what it takes to find a top senior commercial hire and what outstanding looks like, becoming the leading executive sales recruitment provider in the country.

What makes Pareto Senior Executives stand out from the crowd?

Our executive recruitment process

1Mapping Requirements

We take our time to completely understand what you're looking for from us as your executive hiring partner. From Senior Sales Professionals to Commercial Directors and commercial-focussed senior technical hires, we know it's important to find the perfect fit for your company and its culture.

2Candidate Search

Using our vast network of 120,000+ professionals and a range of unique tools to reach into the passive market, we track down the best possible candidates for your individual business.

3Suitability & Assessment

Once we’ve found a suitable candidate, we take the time to thoroughly vet each and every one. We carry out a rigorous assessment of candidate skills and personality to make sure we find the best fit for your business.

4Market Intelligence

During our search, we keep you constantly updated and provide you with market intelligence, including salary benchmarking. As your executive sales recruitment partner, we know it’s important that you’re kept in the loop throughout the process.

5Selection & Negotiation

Once we're confident we have the best shortlist for you we will present these candidates including a summary of our interviews and communications. For the successful candidate, we also ensure a successful offer negotiation to secure a start date.

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What our clients say

The Pareto Senior Sales Executive Search team delivered qualified candidates meeting our requirements and high expectations within a very reasonable time frame. We were able to hire the right leaders for both positions in less than 3 months. Both leaders are still in the role and delivering results consistently.

Enrico Caroli Inside Sales Director
Enrico Caroli - Inside Sales Director
We've been producing business leaders for over 25 years

We've been producing business leaders for over 25 years

As the market-leading sales recruitment business and training provider, we've been training professionals and placing people in roles at every level of sales since 1995.

In addition to recruiting senior sales and commercial executives, we have also placed and trained thousands of sales graduates. Many Pareto alumni are now successful business leaders and founders across a wide range of industries. These are part of our vast network.

We are inspired by the successes of the senior executives we place into businesses worldwide, who continually deliver impressive results. We also now offer recruitment of senior commercially focussed technical people, such as Technical Pre Sales, Head of Professional Services and others, , reflecting the large volume of companies we work with in the technology sector worldwide

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Our results speak for themselves

Our results speak for themselves

Our years of experience, vast network and commitment to excellence mean we only bring you the very best. When we put a candidate forward, one in three are offered the role. Such a high success rate makes us the market leader in our field.

Whichever industry you work in, we have the skills to find you the best senior talent. We provide a diverse executive commercial and sales recruitment offering, ranging from Sales and Commercial Directors to CEOs, MDs and VPs.

Finding your Senior Executive sales talent in every sector.

Sales is a function shared by all businesses. Our time in the sales recruitment and training sphere means that we've had the privilege of working with companies from over 100 different industries. While industry challenges and requirements might vary, the demands of sales are largely universal.

Pareto's executive team specialise in placing the senior sales talent to lead your business growth – from senior to C-level – all around the world.

We will find senior talent combining that rare blend of industry experience with extremely strong interpersonal and client relationship building skills.

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