What attracts people to work for a particular employer?

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Graduates will always look for the big names employers when searching for a graduate job, but why are these valued so highly? The CRF institute has recently released its British top employers to work with in association with The Daily Telegraph. The criterion for the research was based around pay and benefits; working conditions; training and development; career progression and company culture. In addition to get to the top spot were flexible working hour’s generous parental leave, and the chance to take sabbatical leave.

CRF say the challenge for employers is to attract the right people to the right jobs, having a strong employer brand, good workplace reputation. Employers who have these attributes will do better at hiring the best graduates and keeping hold of them. The list is compiled to establish the best UK employers who consistently demonstrate they put their employees first.

Steven Veenendaal, chief executive, said: “The combination of an ageing workforce, the economic recovery and staff shortages in certain industries is making employers increasingly aware of the important of selecting and retaining the right people, and making sure they come to work every day feeling motivated and engaged.” It has become increasing important to find a graduate job which shows progression in your career and allows you to develop, being appreciated and you do meaningful tasks.

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