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10 Trends That Will Shape Executive Recruitment in 2021

10 Trends That Will Shape Executive Recruitment in 2021

The events of the last year and a half have undoubtedly impacted executive recruitment. Companies have found it difficult to hire talent, and the hiring process looks very different now than it did a year ago. 

Thankfully, the recruitment sphere is recovering. Executive recruitment firms are now seeing a growth in business, a change that reflects a broader return to normal recruitment levels. In fact, in most areas of the UK employment has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels
With this in mind, there are trends that you should be aware of when it comes to recruiting in 2021. If you are struggling with executive recruitment this year, reach out to Pareto Law. Our recruitment specialists know how to attract the best talent, and we use robust candidate screening to provide you with only the best people. With our help, you can lift your business ahead of the competition this year.

Identifying Talent Early

After so much uncertainty, businesses are now ensuring that they are fully prepared for whatever challenges they face, including recruiting. 
Following the last year’s events, executive recruitment might be at the top of your list of growth strategies, so identifying talent early on will be vital to recovering quickly from any setbacks.

Globalisation of Candidates

The trend of globalisation continues to be important in 2021, perhaps even more so considering the growth in remote working. As candidates increase their connectivity at home, it will be easier for companies to hire executive talent from across the world.

Revisiting Skills

More so than in previous years, businesses evaluating the skills they consider essential in candidates. Considering the rise of remote workplaces and online work, employers now feel technological literacy and effortless communication skills are vital for the future workplace.
When considering executive recruitment, your list of sought-after skills may have changed to include adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to deal with uncertainty.

Faster Hiring

As technology becomes a crucial part of the recruitment process, the time it takes to hire candidates has also dramatically lowered. It can take time to meet all of your top candidates thoroughly when conducting in-person interviews, especially when you include their travel time to the office. 
Now, with meetings able to happen online on Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom, the hiring process has become more efficient. This reliance on technology should continue, making the hiring process easier and quicker for candidates and employers.

Salaries and Benefits

Interestingly, according to recent research, salary is no longer the most important factor attracting candidates to roles. This has been overtaken by work-life balance, meaning candidates now want to see more benefits aside from money. This could include flexibility, remote work, or other perks like healthcare and gym membership.
Consequently, revisiting salaries and benefits will be hugely important for companies who want to attract expert talent, especially when it comes to executive recruitment.


It’s no surprise that technology continues to be a critical factor in recruitment. With the rise of AI and data-driven recruitment, it’s becoming easier than ever to identify and recruit the best and most suited talent for your company. Businesses should consider switching to AI-based methods for recruitment in 2021 if they’re going to lift their business above the competition.

Social Recruiting

Social networks have proven their worth over the last year and a half, keeping colleagues and personal networks connected during uncertain periods. However, executive recruitment services are now relying more heavily on social recruiting as well as more traditional methods. 
Social networks increase the opportunity for engagement and make screening candidates easier, and it’s guaranteed to remain crucial for recruitment through 2021.

Prioritising Diversity

One of the crucial trends in recruitment over the last few years has been hiring diversely. Companies know that diverse teams perform better, and now more than ever, HR managers are committed to hiring candidates from under-represented groups for roles.


Flexibility is not only an important consideration for candidates but also employers. If businesses are going to cope with future periods of uncertainty, working effectively from different environments and perhaps even different time zones will be essential. 
Recruitment services will likely see increased demand from candidates for flexible working, and conversations with employers about their needs should include a discussion about the possibility of flexible work.

Increased Interest in External Candidates

Over the last year, one negative trend for candidates has been a decrease in internal promotions favouring external candidates. Companies are now seeing the value in executive recruitment services that will easily connect them to the best talent, making the process more efficient and enabling them to get an edge over the competition by seeking out the best candidates. 

Do you need help with executive recruitment for your business? Pareto Law are the specialists in executive recruitment, and we can help you solve your hiring limitations with a range of services to help connect you with top talent. We organise all aspects of the process, including conducting candidate searches and rigorous assessments of candidates, so you can sit back and let the talent come to you.


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