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Niche Technical Recruitment for the perfect combination of I.T, technical and customer-facing skills

I.T. & Technical Recruitment

Businesses are suffering as a result of the 43% shortage of STEM graduates in the UK. One of the main areas of recruitment affected is around I.T. / Technical skill-based jobs such as hands-on I.T. technical support. Add to this the challenge that not all STEM graduates possess the necessary skills to deal directly with customers and you end up with some very challenging roles to fill.


Pareto Tech is a unique I.T. and Technical recruitment agency that assesses and places high calibre graduates into technical skill-based jobs. We combine a unique blend of strong technical background with superior interpersonal skills. Each candidate is then supported with communication and soft skills training to give them the ability to present and solve technical issues daily with customers.

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Our Expertise

Pareto Tech Expertise

We are specialists in two areas: soft skills development and grad recruitment.
This means we are uniquely placed to find the very best I.T.-centric graduates for customer-facing roles.

30,000 applicants

More than 30,000 Pareto Tech Applications

Pareto already receives 30,000 Technical STEM graduate applications a year. This gives us an existing pool of talent to assess for our clients who are interested in many aspects of I.T. recruitment.

Training included

Pareto Tech Training

Our UK Leading Soft Skills and Communication training business allows us to develop the client skills of every Tech candidate with 4 training courses. 

Track record

To date we have placed over one hundred STEM graduates with tech giant Oracle and continue to work with them on their graduate recruitment goals. 

We hired a sales graduate and 6 customer facing tech executives. I was so impressed by the whole process. Pareto’s ability to find great sales and technical graduates is well acknowledged! David Joshua, General Manager for Europe, Optibus
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How the technical recruitment process works

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    Over the years we’ve placed ourselves right at the heart of the graduate recruitment industry. As such, we receive more than 360,000 applicants from graduates looking to join the Pareto recruitment process every year.

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    Our specially trained team works through all of the CV’s we receive to identify suitable grads with STEM degrees. From there we’ll perform an initial telephone interview to find out who has the potential to get through to the next level of the technical recruitment process.

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    We then utilise our specialist team of technical recruitment specialists to assess each delegate against a list of core competencies. This will identify the candidates with the soft skills and technical acumen to excel in the future.

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    We filter the candidates down to the very best STEM soft skilled graduates. We cross-reference their technical backgrounds against your requirements and hand pick two or three potentials for each position. You then carry out final interviews to select your choice of the candidates.

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    Soft Skills & Communication Training

    We’re committed to bringing you excellence and that means providing your graduate with the tools they need to work within a technical environment. We give every placed graduate 128 hours of training to help them excel within your company.

Client Testimonial

Optibus Ltd

Optibus Ltd is a cutting edge technology pioneer and provider, empowering transportation agencies to modernize and stay ahead of the curve. Pareto partnered with in 2019, working with David Joshua, General Manager for Europe, to empower their pre-sales and sales operations through the placement and training of new talent.

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Why Pareto?

“Pareto have a unique offering with their ability to find and develop customer facing, commercial oriented tech people, and that is a tough combination to find. I would use them every day of the week for this – there is no other company that operates in this space, and it’s worked so well for Optibus.”


Candidate Assessment

“Pareto’s process here is outstanding. All the pressure is taken off the client, they are totally hands on from beginning to end. Their assessment day, the candidates they attract, the exercises and the scoring is all geared to finding the very best talent and it works. Let the experts handle it, I say!”

On Training

“The training was excellent – so much so that I have internal people all wanting to go through the same soft skills training that our new tech talent went through! I would love to see Pareto develop more and more of their soft skills based technical training – it’s an untapped space in the market for you.”


Our advice to any business needing technical talent

“Pareto not only cut through the pitfalls of hiring and training sales and pre sales talent in the tech space, they do it fast. It’s an ideal solution, particularly if you don’t have internal resources, and are a start –up. They are also worth the investment even if you do have in house HR and recruiters, as they streamline everything and secure the best.” 


Avoid the nightmare of briefing multiple agencies, screening through CV’s and struggling with how to score candidate talent. Trust the experts and partner with Pareto.


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Pareto Tech Training Programmes

All Pareto Tech candidates will receive 4 modules of training as standard.

The modules are also available to existing and experienced I.T. & Technical teams within your company, who may benefit from our excellent training.

COMMERCIAL ENGAGEMENT  - The aim of this 3 day course is to enable you to effectively communicate with a diverse range of people and to raise awareness of how the commercial environment impacts on organisations.

STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT​ The aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to identify key stakeholders and the role they play, and to build a network plan of action.

PRESENTING YOUR SOLUTIONThe aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to effectively deliver key messages using different approaches and facilitate group sessions with different stakeholders.

PROBLEM SOLVING - The aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to understand problems that arise in commercial environments, to ensure you have the tools to not only analyse but also apply relevant solutions.

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Course Outlines

Communicate in difficult situations, in different scenarios and with different stakeholders.

Explain different personality types and demonstrate how to best communicate with them.

Identify the most effective medium to communicate and provide examples.

Using the MEANCHATS framework identify criteria needed within a STEM environment.

Prepare a STEP analysis of your organisation and present your findings and observations. 

Present a commercial strategy to key stakeholders.



Course Outlines

Identify who is within your network and the influence they have within it.

Review and measure the strength of the relationship you hold with key stakeholders.

Proactively target building a meaningful relationship, using a pre-prepared action plan

Demonstrate networking skills through a group activity.



Course Outlines

Plan, prepare and deliver a webinar or a presentation on your solution.

Utilise a systematic approach to deliver key messages.

Facilitate a group session with different stakeholder needs and agendas.

Reflect on own performance and provide constructive feedback using a development framework.


PROBLEM SOLVING - 2 Day Training

Course Outlines

Identify and define problems.

Explain how to conduct a HOP Analysis.

Use powerful questioning techniques to uncover relevant information.

Conduct courageous conversations and facilitate effective conflict management.

Evaluate and select appropriate solutions.

Devise and execute a plan for implementation and review.

Ratings: Overall course rating based on Reviews
  • The Pareto tech training was EXCELLENT! - So much, that I have internal people all wanting to go through the same soft skills training that our new tech talent went through.

    David, Optibus Ltd, London
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For more information about how our soft skills courses can improve your technical and commercial skills. 

Pareto Tech courses are also open to existing and experineced I.T. & technical teams. 


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Pareto matched me to some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the industry. It’s great for me to be able to learn from the experts. David Raspin, Applications Consultant, Oracle
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